How to Reclaim Your Sovereignty from the Dark Forces

There is a lot going on behind the scenes that the public does not know about.

The 1% are trying to control us more and more.

I say NO!

What do you say?


Please watch this video and say the prayer at the end.

(Video is only 10 minutes long)




How to Reclaim Your Sovereignty From The Dark Forces






I stand now in my Spiritual, God-given, Authority… and I claim my right to Free Will!

I See You Dark Brothers… I know who you are!

I command the Light to shine upon you… revealing your treachery to all!



I claim my Divine Heritage!

I revoke any and all vows or covenants that were made in any of my lifetimes… and any of my multi-dimensional experiences or existences.

I now sever any vows or covenants to serve or be victimized by unclean entities!


I NOW claim my sovereign right!

You have no power over me!

You have no permission to use me!


I stand as a child of the Divine… and I say NO!

By my own sovereign Free Will… I declare my Freedom!

Anchor, Lock & Seal this declaration on every level… through all space and time!


I have said it…and it is so!




You will feel more empowered each time you say this prayer.

Are you wondering what else you can do?

Say this prayer often… and pass along this prayer as you feel guided…



Repeat this prayer until you feel the authority of your Divine nature coming forth!

Let us light our Heart-Fire and ignite the hearts of others!

I thank the brave soul of Laura Eisenhower, granddaughter of the late president, Dwight Eisenhower…

for standing up and leading the rebellion against the Dark Forces.


I dedicate this transmission to her courage.






(Video is only 10 minutes long)


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