Thoth The Atlantean: Expose’ on the COVID Virus Pandemic

Good news!

Thoth The Atlantean has assured me that HE STANDS by His Prediction!

 The Virus Scare will end soon.!


(Actual worldwide death Figures BELOW the PS)

 You Can Still Listen By Audio…Be prepared!

Don’t  miss this revelation from a Light Being who Survived Atlantis!



Expose’ on  COVID-19 Pandemic by Thoth The Atlantean


I, Rebecca, am NOT a Conspiracy Theorist!

Rather, I consider myself a sweet, loving, gentle Light Worker…not a frothing at the mouth Evangelist!

When Thoth The Atlantean asked me to give out this information…

at first, I was squeamish to say the least.




A bit of background…

For the past few months, I have been working on creating The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean, Easy Study Edition.

Thoth asked me to do that too!


When you start to read the Emerald Tablets…an awakening occurs!

Abilities and possibilities you never dreamed of, start to become alive in you.


 So, it was with me.


Now, I find information flowing more easily to me, and with an anointing power that I have not experienced before.


Here are some topics Thoth covers in His Expose’:



  • Why was advanced notification of this pandemic blocked to most psychics? 
  • Who are the serpent-headed, shape-shifters who work with dark magic?
  • What are the sacred words that dis-empower them?



  • Was the COVID-19 fabricated?
  • If yes…Why was it fabricated?
  • Was it meant to target specific people?
  • If yes…Who was it meant to target?
  • Why was it meant to target them?



  • Why China?
  • Why Iran?
  • Why Italy?



  • Who is behind this?
  • Who else?
  • What went wrong?
  • What else went wrong?
  • What went right?



  • When will this end?
  • Who will be left standing?
  • What are the greatest unseen dangers of this Pandemic?



  • What is next?
  • What can we learn from this entire mess?
  • Learn how you can better protect yourself now and in the future.


This is a paid audio program. Thoth asks that this information be honored.

If a person is not willing to invest a few dollars for this valuable information…they will not believe… nor will they benefit.

As Thoth says…”Learn to discern those who are ready for more Light, from the merely curious.”


 Audio Program only $19!

Available for Immediate Download!



PS: You can see the death Figures from regular flu are at least 5 times greater than the Coronavirus!

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