Thoth Answers: Why Was There No Advance Notice to Psychics about This Virus?

Here is a word-for- word conversation Between Thoth The Atlantean (Who created The Emerald Tablets over 36,000 years ago) and I.


Thoth speaks in short, staccato, direct sentences often.



Hey Thoth, how come there was not much advance notice to Channels and other Intuitives about this Virus?

(Ok, besides Silvia Browne in her book End Of Days written years ago)

Thoth Expose’ on the COVID-19 Pandemic


Thoth Responds:

This may sound strange…yet, Rebecca the whole situation has been fabricated to cause exactly the kind of panic and fear you see worldwide today.


The fabricators used dark magic to create a powerful blocking ray

This ray prevented advance notice of this virus and ensuing pandemic .

This is why almost no channels spoke up about it.


This blocking ray was only allowed to be in place a short while.

The ray was put in place by malevolent human will.

It needed to be revoked by benevolent human will.

Thoth reveals the Fabricators






Thoth Continues:

The Blocking ray was invoked by human will but held in place by the serpent headed shape- shifters.

Rebecca, each time you have chanted the words that dis-empowers the shape-shifting serpent-headed ones, the ray is diminished.


Thoth reveals the sacred words that dis-empower the shape-shifters

Ref: The Emerald tablets of Thoth The Atlantean.

By Rebecca Marina Messenger

Tablet 8 Verse 13 to 18.


For sale soon.








Every time a Light worker sends Light and love, the blocking ray is diminished.

Each time human will has faith in the Light, the forces of Light grow stronger.


This new age must be a partnership between humanity and the forces of Light.

The forces of Light need us to join with them of our own free will in partnership, not in a servile way.



Info on Thoth Massive Expose’

This is evolution.

Realizing that you are needed.

Humanity, deeply involved, is an important link that must be increased in this present age.


You have been taught that you are lower than, helpless, and not good enough throughout all of your existence.



How can we help?




Pray. Not only for yourself and your brothers and sisters.

Pray for the forces of Light.

Prayer is powerful when done with positive intent and for the highest good.

Again I say…pray for the forces of Light.

You can pray collectively for all forces of Light or pick one that calls to you, and pray for that one.


Let your heart tell you whom to choose.

Know that as you are praying for the Being of Light, you are exchanging energy. It cannot be otherwise.

As you are enhancing their strength with the powerful love from your human heart, so they are enhancing your strength.






Thoth Continues:

Here is an example of a prayer.

First, hold the vision of this Light Being in a spiral of Clear Light.


Source, Creator Creatrix. (Whomever YOU call upon)


I hold this Light Being in the love of my heart.

I give strength.

I give love.

I give honor and respect.

I command the most powerful of Light, the Clear Light, to swirl all around this Being of Light to be used as needed.

I do this with pure intent for the highest good of all with harm to none.








To refresh this prayer, you can simply chant… Clear Light, Clear Light, Clear Light, as you hold the vision of your chosen Light Being in love.


This simple prayer will go a long way towards helping the forces of Light.


It is necessary to give out digestible tidbits of information as food for your soul.


More info soon.

Info on Thoth Massive Expose’

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