Angels, Shame and What You can do about it!

One of the most joyous energies I encountered in working with The Emerald Tablets was the father of Thoth…Thotme.

Soon to be in print.


Tablet One,  Verse: 8.

And of all these,

greatest among the children of men 

was my father, THOTME,

keeper of the great temple, 

link between the Children of Light

who dwelt within the temple and

the races of men who inhabited the ten islands.


Tuning in,  Thotme asked to give us  information on WHY we may not be as Abundant as we desire.

Here is my conversation with Thotme on Shame, Angels and What is blocking our GOOD:

Thotme, later known as Enki-Representation ancient origins




Thotme, I sense that YOU have no false moral codes tainted by religious dogma.  What advice can you give us?





 These shame codes  are shackles created by those who would imprison you with the energy of Shame.


One of the most beneficial requests you could make of your angels is the release of shame or simply the awareness of shame.


Shame is the lowest vibration. Shame keeps you from all good in your life… If you are lacking any good thing, you can be sure there is a particle of Shame there.


Root out the shame and the whole situation will start to shift in your favor.

You will begin to have more joy, more love and even more money!


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One problem is that you are ashamed to  admit that you have shame… in any form.

As if by having shame, it makes you less of a lightworker.

Pay attention to the thousands of times a day you feel those twinges of shame or guilt.

 Shame and guilt are very connected emotions, never will you find one without the other!



Shame  is so pervasive and we see you trying to make it go away.

Trying to cover it up as if shame  is some character flaw.


Shame and guilt are simply human reactions to old programming passed down through the ages.



Today, ask your angels to help you be aware of every time you feel shame.

That is the very first step in clearing your energy to receive more good in your life!

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 But Thotme, aren’t there some things we should feel shame or guilt about?



No,  there is nothing that warrants sinking down to that energetic level because shame always begets more shame.

If you were committing an act and you looked at it without the shame blindfold, you could easily make a decision to stop doing the act or to do something differently.

You would allow other beneficial emotions to come forward and help you make choices based on love… instead of shame.


You see shame and guilt are almost always associated with fear  of punishment.

Oh, did we just say FEAR?

Another very low vibration!


Just imagine that for today, you ask your angels to help you simply be aware of shame. 


Then remind yourself: “Oh, I don’t HAVE to feel shame, I can see it for the low vibration that it is. Angels please help me call in other emotions and make choices based on love. “


This is only a beginning of the information I would like to share.





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Listening to Thotme, I realized how many times a day I allowed myself to feel shame or guilt.


Little things Today I noticed I feel SHAME or Guilt about.

 I haven’t cleaned my refrigerator in a month.

I let my dog run out of food because I was too lazy to go to the store. 

I didn’t pick up his poop last time either!

I see all that dog hair on the stairs and I keep waiting for someone else to clean it.

I ate an entire piece of carrot cake last night and I just worked hard to lose 6 pounds.

I stayed up too late watching Grey’s Anatomy (waste of time)

I went to sleep without washing my face.

I haven’t thanked all the people who voted on the book cover yet.

on and on and on… it goes, if we let it!




And, NONE of those things I mentioned are even very important.

Don’t get me started on the BIGGER things I can feel shame about!


Can you SEE how shame and guilt creep in until we are just SWIMMING in it?

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Can you SEE  WHY you are NOT Manifesting more money, fun, love, security in your life?

How can it get through that barrier of guilt and shame we are NOT EVEN AWARE that we have? 

(and for Pete’s sake…don’t be ashamed of having shame, just notice it and invite JOY in instead!)


Play with this today…shame free zone!


Take my Angel class this weekend if you want to find out MORE about YOUR very own Angels and how they can help YOU right now!

Angel Teleclass this weekend


Love Rebecca



PS: Bottom Line,

LOW Vibrations BLOCK Abundance

High Vibrations BRING Abundance


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