The Outcast Who Changed the World!

Mary stood at the well… refusing to hang her head in shame.

She could feel the animosity and judgment of the followers gathered around the Christ.

She sensed their eyes bore into her serpent armband and then raking up and down her body, accusingly.

You see, the serpent armband signified her as being trained as a sexual healer, a priestess of the Egyptian tradition.







Because they were ignorant of the true depth and meaning of Mary’s training, the disciples  falsely assumed that she was some kind of temple harlot.

No, they did not understand that Mary had spent years training in the healing arts.

They did not understand the power of cultivating sexual Kundalini power. The secret energy that’s able to heal the most primal needs of both men and women.

Kundalini is Life-giving energy enhancing mankind’s abilities to survive and thrive.


Yes, Mary knew her destiny.

It had been prophesied over her even before her birth. She was to use her powerful skills to strengthen this man called Yeshua.

She knew it the moment their eyes met…”here stands my destiny.”

Without her strength, Christ would never have been able to carry out his mission of this lifetime.


Jesus and Mary had formed a soul contract long before they incarnated.

They were more than soul mates… they were destiny mates.

And so, there at the well, she raised her head higher and straightened her spine a little taller, for she knew no man could interfere with her destiny.


Great was her transformation in the temples of Isis. She was firmly rooted, grounded, powerful, and able to hold space for the Christ.

He turned to Mary Magdalene when the burdens seemed too much to bear!

Christ would have never had the strength to endure…if it had not been for Mary. Their sex-magic rituals caused his own powers to triple!


By Bartolome Esteban Murillo

Mary Magdalene was the outcast who changed the world by giving of her own strength to the Christ.

The techniques she learned in the temples of the Egyptian mysteries schools gave her wisdom, pride, self love, unwavering faith, and magnetism that many envied.

 She did not cower from judgment, for she knew in her heart her destiny.







Just as Mary served in the background…not all of us are meant for the limelight. Our destinies are all diverse. Yet there is not one of us who could not benefit from exploring these mystery school teachings. There is not one of us who could not gain from becoming more magnetic, stronger, and more powerful.

Are you tired of feeling lost?

Are you ready to have the guidance to race full steam towards YOUR highest destiny?

It is NEVER too late for you!

Do YOU ever feel like an outcast?

Out of Place?

Not respected?

Now, you can experience the same temple rituals that catapulted Mary Magdalene forward with unwavering strength.

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Sacrilegious Lessons of Saintly Mary.

 The Making  of a  Sexual Healing Priestess

By Mary Magdalene


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