Free Pass- Non Judgement Day

Have you ever wondered how you would feel if no one was judging you?

What if you weren’t judging anyone else or anything else?

Can you imagine how much freedom you would feel?


And most of all, have you ever thought about how it would be if you could stop judging yourself?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been teaching a class to my students on The Emerald Tablets.

Thoth the Atlantean, author of The Emerald Tablets, sought wisdom throughout all of his lifetimes.

In reading The Emerald Tablets, I noticed that every time Thoth the Atlantean was going

to do something really important or  make a shift forward in consciousness, he would fast.


Thoth would go without food and water. He would deny himself many things, and that would give him more awareness to do the advancement that he was doing.

So in teaching my class, I’m about to do something very important with my students.


Through a special technique, Thoth  is going  to transfer some of his consciousness power  to them.



So I said, “Thoth, should I ask my students to fast for two or three days before that transference of power?”

And Thoth said to me, “Rebecca, what people need to fast from more than food is to fast from judgment.

It is very detrimental to always have a lot of judgments going on.

People don’t realize the judgment they’re receiving, giving out, and especially the self-judgement.

So, Rebecca, ask your students to refrain from judging themselves, from judging others for at least three days before you do the official ceremony.”

Thoth’s message makes me think about how this could be beneficial to you.

Maybe you’re not taking my class. But wouldn’t you love to have a free pass for non-judgment?

This will take some doing.

But for the next week, every time you notice that you’re starting to judge yourself, just remember, “Oh, free pass. Non-judgment day. Today, I don’t get to judge myself. Today, I don’t judge others. Today, I live in the freedom of the moment. And so it is.”

How could you apply this to your life?

Doesn’t it sound like something that you’re longing to do?



When you give up judgement…you will have a lot more  brain space available for you.


Your heart will feel lighter.


There will be a lot less NOISE in your consciousness!

Now, you can finally hear that still small voice!

Now you can focus on those things which bring you joy!


This is a challenge  to all of us!


Let’s do it! (or NOT do it…the judging!)


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What would you like to let go of BEFORE the new year?



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