Every Teleclass of 2020 (plus big discounts on live events)



I declare 2020 a new decade of EMPOWERMENT!


Are you WEARY of feeling like you are ALWAYS Srtuggling?

Have you been believing the LIE that you are NOT powerful due to some fault or human frailties?

Energies have shifted to make this the greatest time in your life!

Learn how to harness your own inner greatness!

Happy 2019!

NEVER  miss a thing  in 2020…Grab my  low priced “Every teleclass” package!

Over a 4000 dollar value for only 497! 

Each year, I offer only 8 spots for this for those who take action on this value.

My  2020 package is even more valuable than ever before!

(This  year, I offer only  eight packages at this low price) ONE LEFT

Be assured that you NEVER miss an important topic! (Even if you forget… You’re automatically registered in EVERY teleclass I teach.

If you have to miss for any reason…you STILL get the audio.

Every class of 2020 for one low fee!

”How can I make that savings even sweeter?”


Here is what you will have access to by getting this package at this low price.

  • One 50 minute session with me.   (200 value, use it any time during the year)
  • Three- 20 minute “help me, it’s an emergency sessions”( Over 300 value,You would be surprised how healing just hearing a calm voice loving you and supporting you can be when you are in a panic) details of how to ‘collect’ in confirmation email after purchase.
  • One 20 Minute Azuron 10th dimensional Light pattern healing session (117 value, use it any time during the year)
  • In addition to every regular teleclass. This year, I am including even CERTIFICATION teleclasses.
  • Even Every 2 week, 3 week , 4 week and even longer course.
  • 50 % off ANY live event (excludes VIP days) IE. If a live event is 1000, you get in for only 500.
  • If a live event is live-streamed, and you want to attend by live-stream, you get 50% off that too!

(Only eight packages allowed at this low price-over 4000 value for 497)

This year, I am excited to present something brand new…

Teachings made even MORE Powerful with secrets from the EMERALD Tablets!



Here is what I have planned for the first few weeks of 2020.

Spirit will guide the coming months.





Upcoming: Weightloss that releases you from Addictions, Sugar and being careless with your being, INNner child sabatage and more.

Unique 4 week course (497 value)

Spiritual Weight Loss Powered by FIRE!


Thoth is behind this bigtime  with some techniques to BURN your food more effeciently!


(Complete info coming on this soon)


Upcoming psychic awareness course: (497 value)

Emerald Tablets Magic Science Psychic Awareness Course

Thoth The Atlantean was known for his knowledge of Magic Science!

There are sacred words, sacred keys, in the Emerlad tablets that can only be found by allowing the CODES to be opened within you.

I will be your guide in accessing these realms!

(Complete info coming on this soon)


Empowermet from the Emerald Tablets (397 value)

Thoth to Rebecca: How can I give you power when you are even afraid to speak of the power you already have? This is a plauge among Lightworkers to keep us small.


I am VERY excited about this course!


 Much much more!


You will have gotten your money’s worth even BEFORE the 1st  few weeks are up!

Hold on…it’s going to be a very exciting year!

Love, Rebecca

THis bargain is for my most loyal clients to reward them for quick action.

How does it get any better than this?

It’s like coming to all my classes…almost for free!


8 spots offered…


Rebecca, I want this but I REALLY NEED a payment plan.

OK… 3 payments at 177.77 each. (3o days apart)

***What is NOT included:
Groupon amd audio programs.
Upgrades to certain classes.
Last year THOTH asked for no one to be allowed in a certain teleclass unless that
paid something.
It was reduced…but I could not go against what He said.

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