A Request From The Late Great Gary Halbert…Copywriting Genius

Have you ever had something really great to sell?

So great you wanted to tell everyone about it…but couldn’t find the right words?

Maybe it’s a product or service you offer.

Maybe it’s even your latest MLM!

Whatever it is…you benefit from studying copywriting!

I have an event coming up in January… It is directed by Mary Magdalene and the

Temple Rituals of Being a sexual Healing priest or Priestess.


Because I wasn’t sure that I was explaining it well enough.


So I decided to ask for help from one of the greatest copywriters of all time, Mr. Gary Halbert.

Now, Gary was famous for taking a topic and explaining the benefits of it so well that everything he touched people wanted it.

He could see the benefits so easily.

Rebecca:              So as I was thinking about asking Gary Halbert for help explaining the Magdalene event better,

I forgot to mention the fact that Mr. Gary Halbert is dead.

Then I thought, “Well, that would be so one-sided for me to just ask him for help. I wonder how we could exchange energy.”

How could you exchange energy with someone on the other side?

And would he like to help me?


So I decided to call Mr. Gary Halbert into a circle of light and present my case.

And so I did, asking Gary, “What can I do for you in exchange for you helping me?” Here’s what he said.

Gary:           “I was distracted from those I loved.

I didn’t show love enough.

There needs to be more forgiveness in families.

There needs to be more letting go of old grudges.

Please ask people to refuse to go through their life with a big chip on their shoulder.

Enjoy life more.

The connections that you make with others and even animals are the real riches of life.

Get this message out from me, Rebecca, and I will help you any time that you desire to explain more clearly about your services.”

Rebecca:              So ask yourself, “Who can you forgive today?

What resentments, blame, guilt can you intend to let go of today?”

Take the first step to forgiveness.

We do need connections in our life.

We need our tribe.

Some of us are so afraid of being hurt we have a wall around our heart.

And some of us don’t feel we deserve love, and so we block it or continuously create toxic relationships.

A person needs intimate connection to feel whole and complete.

If you feel that those intimate connections cannot be found within your family group, do the forgiveness part towards your family and then be open to intimate connections from others.

Bearing grudges and holding resentments keeps healthy love and intimate connections away from you.


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