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Today’s topic:

A New Channeled Message from Thoth the Atlantean


Thoth: Advice on getting more money


This is Rebecca, helping you get the messages that you need to survive and thrive.


A few days ago a lady asked me to tell her how she could ask Thoth for money. She said she needed capital to start a business, and she was feeling pretty desperate.

So, of course, I went to Thoth and asked him what we could do to help not only this lady but so many of us who are in financial need.

Here is what Thoth said:

“Tell her and anyone who desires more wealth, more health, more of any good thing, to do the balance of poles exercise, which I have already provided.

Do this exercise 12 days in a row, then more wisdom will come.

You will Have guidance and things will start to work for you as never before!”


Thoth continues…

Now, people say, to me and to other beings of light, “Why don’t you  get myself, Thoth or Lakshmi or God to just give me some more money?”


And Thoth says,

“This is not any kind of partnership. This is you allowing the old programming of not being in partnership with the being of light, of feeling lower than, subservient to, a being of light.

This prevents and completely blocks any transmission that a deity of light could give you.



THOTH continues…

“In many lifetimes, you have been both deathly poor and magnificently rich.

In this lifetime, if you are desperately poor and feeling like a victim, it’s likely that you came forth into this existence to transform that energy pattern.


If all one does is ask for money, it does nothing to overcome the very thing you came here to heal.



Thoth continues:

“I have already given the “balance of poles’ exercise free to all.

This exercise is more valuable than all the money in the world!

The balance of the poles, connects you to the energy of your heart’s desire.

It balances your north and south poles and opens the gateways to receiving.


You are using the energies of the earth to balance, nourish and sustain you!

Plus, this exercise connects you to the very energies of gold, the lifeblood of Mother Gaia.

“Doing this exercise 12 days in a row will shift your consciousness like no other gift that I could give you.

If one is not willing to accept this gift, to do this exercise 12 days in a row or as often as possible, then one is surely not ready to receive the wisdom needed to accumulate more money.

This is a COMMITMENT to yourself!

Here is a gift, free to all, right in front of you.

Be a partner with me.

Do the balance of poles exercise!

Watch your life change.






Having more money without having more wisdom is like throwing straw into the wind. It will quickly disperse and pile up around someone else’s fence post.”




And this is Thoth continuing to speak to me:


“Perhaps, Rebecca, when I gave you the balance of poles exercise, I did not stress all the transformations that can occur when dedicating time to this…

This meditation will change your brain wave patterns in a good way.


Even after doing this 12 times in a row, it is recommended to repeat this exercise before any important event in your life.


Your dedicated partner, Thoth.”


PS: In the future, Thoth will give us a shorter version of this Pole Balancing, wealth attracting exercise.

He will also give a special one for better health.


Find the original Meditation here:

Be a love and share this entire message with someone you KNOW needs lifting up.





Please feel free to share this wonderful meditation as you feel guided.


Much Love,

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