Thoth: 5 Week Guidance, Immersion, Transmission of Power Course

Thoth the Atlantean, author of the 36,000 year old Emerald Tablets is desiring to have 5 initiates to transfer wisdom and power to.

UPDATE: Class was FILLED within 4 hours of being announced. (Thoth says there can be ONE more who is feeling His call right now!)



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From week one…you will begin to take on Fractals of his consciousness.




You may be wondering…
“But, HOW is this going to help me survive and thrive?”


If you had no wisdom, no self-worth, no confidence…all the money in the world would not buy you peace or happiness.


Being willing to be an initiate into the wisdom of Thoth will help you achieve all that you desire…if you are willing to place trust in Ancient Wisdom.

One of Thoth’s incarnations was as King Solomon…he surely had no shortage of wealth or wisdom.


There is no sales pitch here…It is not up to me (Rebecca) to say who Thoth is calling to.

You already feel the pull. You might be a little scared…that’s OK.

Every great thing I ever did in my life was done in spite of feeling scared, sometimes terrified!


Thoth is already calling to you if this is the right time for you to have this caliber of advancement.



Here is the 5 week outline Thoth has given me.

Much will be channeled on the spot, so I cannot give complete details.

(That would be boring to me anyway…it’s FUN to bring in the messages as the energy dictates need.)

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Week one.

Merging of souls. Your soul, Thoth’s soul, your over soul… This will get you synchronized and ready for more intense work.  You will begin to feel the power of energy transference from the very first week.

Of course, week one, we take care of any big worries you have. However, greater faith is feeling the fear and doing it anyway!



Week two.

Submersion experience. Many lifetimes, through the merging with Thoth is activating memories. You were with him in many of his incarnations. You will remember.




Week three.

Walk in the shoes of Thoth. See how his heart bleeds for humanity and how your special gifts can be part of the healing. See how you can increase the gifts you already have and obtain more Boldness and confidence.





Week four.

Practice channeling Thoth under my guidance. You will be surprised at how naturally this will come for you.(Even if you think you have no talent as a channel)





Week five.

Transference of power. You have spent all these weeks being awakened. Now is the time to be imbued with power. Thoth says that there is a special chamber underneath the great pyramid that is dedicated to transference of power and wisdom.

I was very surprised that Thoth would reveal this to us… I so look forward to being your guide in this secret initiation experience.

As Billy Carson says…”We can all live through others by transferring our knowledge into new minds. By this method, we use the fractal network to propagate information, knowledge and ideas.”

(Billy Carson is the author of Compendium of the Emerald tablets. A Beginners Guide)



Bonus: $200 value

Each participant gets 30 minutes private with to me so that you can deepen your experience and remove any blocks. Thoth may have a special private message for you. This is best scheduled at the end of the 5 weeks.



Before you accept this commitment, be able to answer YES to the following:








  • Are you able to commit to doing the between session assignments (These will be simple yet keep the energy building)
  • Thoth asks that you keep this wisdom to yourself until you feel guided by him to share…are you willing to do that?

(This is because this information is way over most people’s head and they will not understand. Never cast your pearls before swine. IE those who are not ready.)

  • Are you willing to joyfully exchange monetary energy for this course?

(Thoth is giving extreme value and it must be honored. If you feel resentment over the fee, this is not the right time for you. Resentment alone will block your money flow…in all things.


  • Are you willing to show up to each session on time and be fully present?

(Not checking email or being on Facebook at the same time)

WE realize that life happens and sometimes you may have to miss…you will have the audio of every single class as soon as the session is over.


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If you were able to answer YES to the above.

Class was FILLED within 4 hours of being announced. (Thoth says there can be ONE more who is feeling His call right now!)


Thoth asks that every payment numerically add up to FIVE.

Five is the number for change!

Isn’t that what you desire? Change for the better?



Five Weeks of Guidance, Immersion and Transference of power from Thoth the Atlantean. (Tele seminar, attend from Anywhere)

Full pay. $497.03


Two Payments of $250.07 (30 days apart)


Five Weekly payments of $105.08 (charged every 7 days )


There is room for five for this intense immersion.

Class was FILLED within 4 hours of being announced.


(Thoth says there can be ONE more who is feeling His call right now!)


Class dates and times are:
2 PM Eastern each Sunday

If you need help figuring out the time…use this simple tool.

Week One: Sunday Nov 17   at Two PM Eastern

Week Two: Sunday Nov 24   at Two PM Eastern

Week Three: Sunday Dec 1   at Two PM Eastern

Week Four: Sunday Dec 8 at Two PM Eastern

Week Five: Sunday Dec 15 at Two PM Eastern

My system has FREE calling from anywhere…you don’t need to worry about connecting.



Can’t see pictures?

If you have to miss, catch up by audio before the next session please.

The Power BUILDS upon itself.

If you need to ask questions before you commit…contact me by my private email

Or text 956-457-5568 to set appointment for chat.


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