Why Does your Brain always Imagine the Worst?

Yesterday I pricked my finger on a rusty nail.


This morning it felt a little sore.


 Immediately, my brain thinks… “Oh my God you haven’t had a tetanus shot in years, you could get lock jaw and die a horrible death!”

How many times does your brain think the absolute worst in a situation?


How many times have you felt a funny in lump somewhere on your body and immediately thought…. Cancer, cancer oh my God it’s the BIG C!



Have you ever heard about a storm coming to your area and immediately you start thinking… oh my goodness I better get prepared we could be wiped out!


As light workers, we feel like we should always be positive…right?


We can even get into guilt over having any negative thoughts at all.




I was talking to my friend Thoth the Atlantean about this this morning and he said…” Rebecca, it’s just your brain signaling you survival messages.

It’s your brains job to “Imagine the worst” so it can help you find a solution…help you survive.


 Yes…your brain automatically goes to the ultimate worst case scenario just so that it can help figure out a way to  survive.



So the next time you’re feeling all worried about some bodily condition or some approaching storm… be merciful to yourself.


Remind yourself it’s your brains job to imagine the worst so it can find the BEST solution!


Tell yourself…my brain is trying to help me survive.


Okay brain, you can calm down now… we got this.


I choose to trust Spirit guidance.

I choose to think everything is going to be okay.

I am STILL a GREAT Light Worker even though I get scared!


 A tapping exercise to help you:

EFT Meridian Tapping Points


Side of hand: even though I get overwhelmed and worried about things I love and accept myself.


Top of head: overwhelmed

Beginning of eyebrow, overwhelmed

Side of eye: overwhelmed

Under eye: overwhelmed

Collarbone: overwhelmed

Underarm; overwhelmed



Next, More acceptance


Side of hand: my brain is trying to figure out how to survive I love and accept myself even though my brain DRIVING ME CRAZY trying to figure out how to survive


Top of head: my brain wants me to survive

Beginning of eyebrow: brain wants to survive

Side of eye, brain wants to survive

Under eye, brain wants to survive

Collarbone: wants to survive

Underarm, brain wants to survive


Now, let’s tap in the positive


Using all the same points as above


I choose to relax, forgive myself, and love my brain for trying to keep me safe.


Next time your brain runs away with the negative thinking about some impending disaster…just remember, it’s doing it’s job!


Simply KNOWING this, helps you to release the worry. Thank you sweet brain…you can relax now…I get the message.



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