When You Just GOT to Have a Financial Breakthrough!



In this issue:

  1. How to KNOW you are ready for Big Financial Breakthrough
  2. The Greatest Enemy of your Breakthrough
  3. How to get your breakthrough by yourself
  4. How to know if you need a guide to help you


 Banish the Worry Parasite: Get More Money

 A. How to Know you are ready for a Financial Breakthrough

Here are some signs  that let you know you JUST GOT to HAVE a BREAKTHROUGH!

(Or you will freaking give up!)

  • Everything BAD seems Amplified
  • Your feel weak (body, mind, or spirit)
  • You may feel THIS is the lowest place in your life!
  • You’re mad at God.
  • You may want to give up and go home to the other side


 Banish the Worry Parasite: Get More Money



 B  The greatest Enemy of your breakthrough

Parasitic WORRY Energy!

You KNOW that worrying about your money situation is NOT helping…but you feel almost POSSESSED! You try and try to be positive but you can’t shake the Evil Monster!

You toss and turn and your mind runs to the WORST CASE scenario about well… EVERYTHING!

It seems like nobody is on your side! You feel guilty for letting yourself get into this situation…especially when it comes to MONEY!

It shouldn’t BE THIS WAY!


 Banish the Worry Parasite: Get More Money

C. How to get your breakthrough by yourself

Accept that you are in this situation.

Forgive yourself for getting into this mess!

Release the Parasitic Worry Energy.

Be VERY STILL and quiet and don’t try to do anything!

Relax and stop trying to figure it out. It is ONLY in the STILLNESS that anything will come to you.

Take ONLY inspired action!

 D. How to know if you need a guide to help you

(Please know that I KNOW what it feels like when you need to seek outside help. When I get a real emotional issue, I ALWAYS hire one of my trusted mentors to help me.


  1. You have tried all the steps above and you still feel stuck.
  2. You need more of a plan…like someone to hold your hand, Encourage you and NOT criticize you!
  3. Instead of feeling better about your money issues…you start HOARDING what little you got out of fear.
  4. You are afraid God is punishing you for something.
  5. You just don’t have faith that you can do it alone (there is no shame in asking for help when you need it- I sure do!


 Banish the Worry Parasite: Get More Money

Because I have been in exactly your position…and have been given an AWESOME Solution… it worked for me and KEEPS working!


It may be time to let me be your guide in this.


Teleclass JUST for this Problem

Banish Worry Parasite: Get More Money

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I am eager to share this Worry Buster technique with you…not only that…You will have 12 days of follow up encouragement!


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