When You CAN’t Stand a Person and You have to Deal with them (EFT to the rescue)

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone and…you just don’t like them?


It can happen to us for no apparent reason.

A friend once told me there are 3 kinds of people in our lives.

#1. Our People: we like them, they like us, usually instantly.

#2. Neutral People : we don’t care one way or the other.

#3. NOT our People: the feeling of dis-like is mutual, usually instantly.


Well it happens to me too! (Hope you didn’t think I was so goody goody, I’m not even human)

There is a lady I have to do business with and I just don’t like her!

She doesn’t seem to like me either!


We got off on the wrong foot and have never interacted well ever since.

Now this is STRANGE for me! I usually LOVE everyone instantly and think they are wonderful even when they are not!

But with this lady…she just rubbed me the wrong way. from the get go.


I came up with this EFT tapping exercise to help me let this go.

Please let me be your guide in helping you too!

Everyone has Someone in their life they just don’t like that much.


Love and Blessings,



PS: After doing this tapping, I spoke with the lady and I could tell the energy shifted.

For one thing…I stopped fantasizing about all the mean things she was planning to do to me! (silly and childish stuff)


I am just a guide…not a guru with no faults!

The good thing is that I share my faults with you and come up with exercises to help us all!


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