Thoth the Atlantean: Author of the Emerald Tablets,Q and A: Personal Messages for YOUR Advancement

What words of wisdom will Thoth have for YOU?

Live Sunday at 3 PM eastern time!

Find out in real time!

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Did you know that The Symbol of Wisdom from Thoth is the Dragonfly?

Every time I get an idea for a workshop or task that is beneficial…within moments I see a dragonfly!

Most times it is REAL flying by (even once in a storm)

Sometimes a photo of one pops up!


Last night, Thoth asked me to present a LIVE Q and A for personal issues for your spiritual, physical, and emotional advancement.
Shoot Thoth! Nobody channels you like that! It’s usually some wisdom that just pours forth!


Usually. I NEVER ask for a sign…but when it’s something like this…I did.


Ok, Thoth…SHOW me if you REALLY want me to go LIVE and let people ask you questions!

I continued to watch an old re-run of Grey’s Anatomy (a show about medical stuff)

Boom! Within moments…a large painting of guess what?

YES… A DRAGONFLY appeared on the wall behind the doctor who was explaining a medical procedure!

So…would that be enough of a sign for you?


What are the chances that a dragonfly painting appears within moments of me asking for a sign? (In a show about medical stuff, on the wall of a hospital?)

So , my friends…I am answering the call of Thoth to bring you some personal interaction.

I am not sure what Thoth will bring forth yet, I KNOW it will beneficial to yo
whether YOUR question gets chosen or not…you will have GREAT benefit!


Time for this Q and A with Thoth is
Sunday Oct 20 at 3 PM eastern, 2 Central noon Pacific.

You will have a chance to raise your hand and ask a question. (just do star 2 on your phone or keypad *2)

***Important, do NOT ask fortune telling questions!
Ask “HOW CAN I” type questions, please.

Thoth is asking to assist you in your spiritual eveolution and your questions will be
beneficial to ALL who are listening.


My system has FREE web call using the mic and special link on your computer.

I am excited to be doing this on behalf of THOTH and YOUR advancement.


FREE or a Love Offering in Appreciation Of Thoth


(If timing is not right…you will receive the audio and Your question will likely be addressed!

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