The Benefits of Being “Knocked Out”



That sounds like a crazy title, right?

Think about it… why does the surgeon have to knock you out before doing surgery?


Because if you were awake you would be fighting, resisting…and it would hurt like the devil!


Your condition would never get any better!


How does this apply to spiritual growth?


 As a light worker you are the true hero and heroine of these evolving times.


You hunger for spiritual growth, you hunger for the next step towards fulfilling your Soul’s purpose…

Yet, you feel frustrated when you feel so stuck and others around you seem to be racing forward.

You may not even realize that you are a victim of  what Thoth calls” Dark Tribal Programming”.

Do you ever wish you could trust someone to  “do the work” while you just “laid there”?

Thoth said to me,

“Rebecca, I am placing more power into the STAFF that you have (see my Moses staff)…when you guide participants in the rituals, they will be in a deeper state of trance.

Just as a surgeon prevents you having pain by being awake during surgery…so this deep trance will numb you to any pain as we transform the dark tribal programming!”

Have you ever thought how awful it would be to die and NOT have fulfilled your soul purpose like you planned?


All because you were so trapped in dark tribal programming?

…and there was no trusted guide to help you?




The benefits of being “knocked out” during deep healing…is that you have no resistance to letting the dark energy be removed.


It is  urgently important that you TRUST any guide that does this kind of work.



Are you ready to release your resistance? (Even if you are not sure what that resistance is?)

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Are you ready to be the hero or heroine of your journey?

Do you desire to have the awakening of secrets from the Emerald Tablets?

Two Days of Magic: Rituals, Spells and Training from the Emerald Tablets.

October 12, 13 South Padre Island Texas


In simple terms here is what you will experience.





  • You will be touched by the power of the Staff of Moses. This will give you a boost to your own power.


  • You will receive your own Atlantis Attunement instrument to use for healing and power. Instructions from Thoth to give you more powers.


  • You will have your Alta Major Chakra unclogged and expanded. If your Alta Major is NOT open, you cannot receive the way you should. (The forgotten Chakra)


  • You will experience a “connection ritual” from the Ancient Mystery schools. This will help you connect more easily with your spirit guides, others, and self. (This can be quite arousing as it wakes up your Kundalini like a burning fire!)


  • You will be instructed in the use of “The Gathering Spell”

This will draw your desires to you more easily.


  • You will experience the Electrifying of Your Electrons by the Goddess Hathor. This will activate many ancient abilities in your cellular memories.


  • The Connection of your Alta Major to your Pineal gland will increase your receiving of spiritual information as nothing else can.


  • You will receive a personal channeled message from a High Being of Light.


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Expect the Unexpected!

When you need extra help…you can ask to be touched by the Moses Staff again.

Thoth says I have NOT been taking advantage of the full powers of this staff. I am eager to be guided in using it to further YOUR Awakening.


Can you see yourself moving forward as the Confidant Light worker you came here to be?


Come and be transformed!


Hurry, registration is closing on Friday.

Fee: 1297 full pay


3 payments of 444 each (30 days apart)




Because I am creating the Attunement Instrument JUST FOR YOU…there are no refunds.

However, you will NOT LOSE YOUR MONEY. (If you MUST cancel, you may apply the fee to another event- or use as store credit. Teleseminars, courses,private sessions) Or…I can guide you in some of the rituals privately.


Call me if you have questions. 956-457-5568 or email me at


(Complete info provided upon registration)

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Travel info:


Airport Info: Two choices.(in no particular order)


#1. Fly into to Harlingen TX airport

Harlingen airport code is: HRL


#2. Fly into Brownsville Tx.

Brownsville airport code is BRO

(Complete info on shuttle etc. provided upon registration)


Hotel: The Inn of South Padre (I have secured a rate of only 75 per night.

This includes FREE BREAKFAST.




Love, Rebecca


PS: Have you seen a dragonfly lately?


This is a sure sign that the Emerald Tablets are calling out to you.

Yes, they are over 36.000 years old…yet, how old is your soul?

Just reading the Emerald Tablets cause great awakening …

Be the One others look up to!

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PSS: If you HAVE been seeing Dragonflies, email me and let me know. That means we are kindred souls and Thoth may be calling you!

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