I was poisoned…

The phone rang…it was my landlady telling me that my building had termites.

The solution was to drill holes in the foundation and insert termicide down here.

They also needed to drill holes in my bathroom floor.


The alternative was to tent the whole place and that would mean evacuating for several days.


“Is this stuff harmful to humans?” I asked?

Oh, no, I was assured…it only kills termites!


On the days the ‘termite killers” arrived, I had lots of private clients, so I did not leave the building.

After all, I had been assured that the chemical was safe.


When the doorbell rang, I let the very nice gentleman in.

He dragged an orange chemical dispensing hose all throughout  my apartment.


I asked again if the stuff was harmful to humans and was assured it was safe!


The exterminators worked all morning long with their drills and inserted the chemicals.


As promised, there was no odor at all!


Next morning, I woke with body aches….Oh well, I thought, maybe it’s because I did not sleep well.

Within a couple days, I was so exhausted I could hardly get out of bed which I  again blamed on not being able to sleep well.

jules-d-rrX4SWCyJQ8-unsplash poisen smoke.jpg

By the 4th day…I realized this just wasn’t right!

The body aches were excruciating, nausea was almost constant and I could barely drag myself through the day.

The only times I felt better were during a session, or doing a video.

When I do these things,,,Spirit takes over and I don’t even feel my body.


I called my dear friend, Dr Patti Felici, naturopath doctor and the best muscle tester I know!

Patti…something is wrong with me!

Either I’m catching some type of flu or I’ve been exposed to some poison.

My whole body feels poisoned!

Could it be the “harmless” termite poison?


Not sure WHO to give credit to for this wonderful photo

Dr Felici tested that I was being affected by the termite poison at a level 10!


I happened to have some herbal poison remedy in my herb pharmacy and she advised me to begin with it immediately!

She also tested that I needed to leave the property for at least 5 days until the chemical had completely dissipated.



At that point, I was so exhausted, I had to lay down a couple hours before I had enough energy to pack up and leave.

Luckily, I have family about 80 miles away and that is where I am writing from.


After a great night of sleep in a fresh environment, I am already feeling better!

Today, I will go get a foot detox and continue to take the anti-poison remedy.


There is some good news in all of this…






Because I was poisoned and was not as ‘on the ball’ as usual.,,I did not announce the “Advanced Channeling, Beginner to advanced in 4 weeks” as often as I should have, I realize you needed more of an advance notice.


So, I will leave the fee for Advanced Channeling, at almost HALF_OFF to give you a chance to save more!


Do you desire from your heart to be of greater service to humanity?

There is no greater way than to bring in messages of Light…even if you just bring them for yourself…YOUR light will increase!





Love, Rebecca

PS: You may wonder why I did not use my psychic skills to avoid this poisoning situation.

I am not sure except that I KNOW everything that happens to me is a learning experience.

Perhaps YOU will forward the email to someone who is about to have this type termite treatment.


I do believe that if I had LEFT the property for at least the first day that the poisoning would not have been as severe.


Dr Patti will continue to TEST for me as to when it is safe to return. In the meantime, detox baths, detox foot soaks and Virginia Snake Root!


But then…I would NOT have the experience and would NOT be warning others…


PS: I will be teaching the first week of Advanced Channeling from my family members home.

Please join me!





If you feel this information will help someone…please use the social media links to share it.


It’s important that they LEAVE the property while the fumigation is going on and STAY gone as long as they can. I am NOT the kind of person who goes around crying WOLF!


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