Three Wealth Wizards of Inner Earth

Teleseminar: The Three Wealth Wizards of Inner Earth


Special Encore Presentation

Saturday August 17 at 4 PM eastern

Sunday August 18 at 2 PM eastern

This ENCORE presentation will focus MUCH on the sacred healing Chambers within Inner Earth.

Special Inner Earth energies focused to your root chakra… will begin the healing of your money issues and Spread all the way up!


If what you are doing just Ain’t working…may be it’s time to do something Different!

Tired of beating your head against a wall?

Let the wisdom of Inner Earth help you!





So, I’m sitting in meditation asking for guidance on the best topic that would be most helpful to you right now.


I personally wanted my next class to be about healing loneliness, despair, and sadness.


Yet… for some reason… I just couldn’t make myself sit down and write about that.




Out of nowhere, this little voice whispers to me… “Take them to the land of magic money. That’s what they really need right now!”



So I ask…“Who are you? I’ve never heard of the ‘land of magic money’ and furthermore, I don’t want to tell my beloved readers about something that’s not even real.


“Oh, but it is real”… the same voice whispered.



“Once a person visits this magical place they will be forever changed… Unless they block the processes that we give them.”

(I’m wondering what kind of blocks this voice is talking about however, I wanted more information first)


So now it’s MY turn to ask this “voice” questions!


Question number one… Who are you?

Question number two… why are you coming to me now with this ridiculous story of the land of magic money?


And so the small voice revealed its source.


And as the voice spoke, it became much more powerful. It’s true that a whisper can get your attention far more than a shout!



We are the three wizards of wealth of Inner Earth.

(They began to speak to me as one consciousness)


We are coming to you because of your friendship with the great Lord Odin and his mentor THOTH


You see, we hail from the halls of Amenti which Thoth spoke of so often in the Emerald tablets.


We seek to re-unite the people of inner earth with the consciousness of upper earth dwellers…it is time!


Rebecca, you already KNOW that Lord Odin has been requesting of you to reveal more about the people of inner earth.


Because the greatest need for citizens above ground seems to be about money… we, the three wizards of wealth were chosen to speak with you.


We are willing to share some of our wisdom and magic with your readers.


I could only hear one voice in my head even though it was coming collectively from the three.


Then they came into my inner vision as 3 distinctly separate beings.



The three wizards of wealth gave me permission to use Common names that we would recognize.


Their true names are frequencies and are hard to be pronounced in the English language.


The Wizards  also pointed out that their frequency might be different for each person as the vibrations adjust to each person individually.






Wizard # 1. Charles. “Ease of Obtaining.”


The First Wealth Wizard who presented himself I call



What a regal, commanding presence!

He has white, slightly wavy hair just midway between chin and shoulders.


Even though his hair is white…you can feel the virility and wisdom bursting out of him!


What a manly man! (yee ha)



Charles holds the office called “Ease of Obtaining.”


The wizard Charles carries a gnarled a staff… almost exactly like mine! He specializes in helping others to ‘obtain that which they desire, more easily’.







Wizard # 2.Sampson: Finder of Things Hidden


Sampson, appears younger. He is tall and lithe, with dark, shiny, slicked back hair.


His eyes are a piercing black which compliments his olive skin.

Sharp black eyebrows arch upward as he seems to permanently hold a state of being inquisitive.


Sampson seems to glow with a different kind of power such I have never experienced on earth.


Unlike some of the dwellers of inner earth, Sampson has never experienced a lifetime on the top side.


His specialty is Finder of Things Hidden.


This includes hidden resources, treasures, as well as the hidden faults within any energy system.


If something is preventing you having that with your heart seeks….Sampson can help find it.







Wizard # 3. Oscar Satisfaction as a Magnet


Oscar… He is short, not more than 5 foot tall.


He is quite jovial, reminding me very much of the laughing Buddha!



Oscar’s specialty is “satisfaction with what you have.” He explains to me that the ability to have SATISFACTION is one of the most magnetic tools there is.




Each of these wizards of wealth has a lesson to teach us… yet far more than that. They desire to infuse our energy field with the magnetism of the wealth of inner earth.


They all agreed that we are originally intended to always be in abundance.


It was the systematic mind implants of the gray ones who implanted in us that workhorse ideology.


The Wizards asked me to teach a class using their wisdom.


My response to their proposal for me to teach a class for others on this…


I said.


Ok…you first take ME to Inner Earth…this land of magic money.


Do you the clearing processes to me first.

Then, I can be sure it is safe for my readers and safe for others.


Because I now know that Divine Mother is the one who brought Lord Odin to me in the first place… I trust this information.


So yes…take me to Inner earth!


To my surprise, a saucer-like craft appeared to take us on the journey to Inner earth.


A chasm opened silently in front of us and the craft descended into the unknown.


I felt no fear at all, rather a sense of homecoming and belonging!


We arrived at a huge cavern that was lit from the glow of thousands of crystals.


This civilization had learned to harness the energy to sustain life and provide for every need in abundant way.


There were minerals and crystals aplenty yet this civilization did not use them for barter as we do.


Instead, they used these elements to literally create what they desired.






Working with Charles: Ease of Obtaining.


The first wizard I worked with was Charles whose office is, “Ease of obtaining.”


He explained to me that in order to have Ease of Obtaining, I needed to release the unconscious need to struggle.


He pointed out that most humans think that we don’t deserve unless we struggle.


He then isolated the genome that says we must struggle to survive.


He removed the virus that has been polluting me for generations.


Then, he replaced it with a new program called EASE!


Time to let things be easy, time to release to struggle and in this manner Ease of Obtaining will surely come.


(In the upcoming 3 Wizards teleseminar, Charles will guide us collectively in neutralizing this Genome and replacing it with a new, healthy thread. (Never leave a vacuum)






Working with Sampson: Finder of Things Hidden.




Next I worked with Sampson. His staff was very different than Charles’s.  It was shiny, black and with a very pointed end.


(Not made as a walking stick at all- more like an instrument with a ray coming out)


Sampson points his staff at a nearby rock surface.


Immediately the rock cracks and opens to reveal a cluster of raw diamonds!


This was enhanced by a vein of pure gold flowing and branching off into many paths.


(Divine Mother had told me long ago that the veins of gold were like the BLOOD of Gaia…a great conductor of energy and information)


 Remember Sampson is the finder of those things hidden.


I asked Sampson to find the hidden things in me that prevent me from thriving MORE in my topside world.


He points his staff at my body yet it is stopped by a resounding metallic WHACK from my auric field.


It is as if part of my field was encased in metal!


Sampson shows me that there is a force field around me that muddles my thinking about money and success.


This field is being generated by the nefarious elite to keep us from realizing our potential. (Far more people than I have this shield and don’t realize it)


I ask Sampson, “ Can this shield be dissolved and if so…HOW?”


He replies, “The shield can be dissipated by using your own power.

Send out a ray of your own to the source…You must have INTENT to REFUSE to be controlled any longer! (The source was a satellite in space.) Then seal the aperture shut.


Next purposely install a new shield against any further attacks.


I followed all the instructions and it was so REAL!


I could see the satellite emitting the control ray that kept the shield in place. I asked…

“Why can’t I eliminate the ray on behalf of everybody?”


Sampson replied… “Each person must do so of his own free will!”


(In the 3 Wizards teleseminar, Sampson will guide us collectively in neutralizing this ray, sealing the aperture and replacing it with a new, protective shield. (Never leave a vacuum)







Working with Oscar: “Satisfaction as a Magnet for More.”



Next I worked with the jovial Oscar.


He does not carry a staff at all but carries a crystal ball that seems light as a soap bubble!


Oscar shows me a sumptuous banquet table laden with delicious looking foods… some looks very strange to my upper earth eyes!


He invites me to taste and ask my body with each taste… does this satisfy you. Some of the food DID…and some did not!


Then, Oscar shows me a room full of money from my country… Seriously I feel no satisfaction at all.

It’s just money.

Oscar explains, “The satisfaction comes from what the money can do for you not the physical money.


 These bills could be worthless tomorrow.


Find your satisfaction in what you want the money for.


You want money for security?


Find one small thing in your life that you feel secure about. Focus on that security and ask it to multiply!


It will become magnetized and bring in more and more for you to feel secure about.


Oscar brought my attention to the string of pearls I almost always wear on my neck.


What do these pearls represent to you? He asks.


Luxury, I answer and he says…


Focus on that, focus on the feeling of what it is you desire but find something in your life now that represents that.


Do this even if it’s very small.


Everyone has some small thing they feel secure about.


The feeling itself is the magnet!


As you amplify the feeling… even of the smallest thing you feel secure about, more will come!


Especially when you realize the power of it and do it on purpose!


The question is…WHAT DO YOU FEEL SATISFIED with in your life right now!


I think I had the most fun working with this wizard. I laid in bed that night and thought of so many things I DO feel satisfied with!


I’m satisfied with my little condo on the water.

I’m satisfied with my wild hair.

I’m satisfied with my channeling abilities.

I’m satisfied with my Jeffree Starr Lipstick!

I’m satisfied that I don’t weigh 200 anymore.

I’m satisfied with my wonderful children that love me.

I’m satisfied with my sweet car that just got paid for.


Get it?

I could go on and on and on.


(In the 3 Wizards teleseminar, Oscar will guide us collectively in discovering those things in our lives that we ARE Satisfied with. He will teach us more in-depth HOW to use this power to magnetize.)







Then I heard the three voices as one again as they said…


This is the beginnings to the secrets of wealth.

All of this and more you will discover in the land of magic money.

We know that your desire for material sustenance can be enhanced by our connection to you.


Every person who takes this class will have a different experience.


Yet every person will have an internal change about money, true wealth and satisfaction that simply cannot be denied.


After I came out of the trance like state I thought about things in my life that I felt very satisfied about.


I also thought about a check that I had lost …I couldn’t find the check anywhere… so I decided to just forget it and go on a walk.


I reached for a bag that was nearby in case I went to the post office.


I’ll be doggone there in the bag was the check I was looking for!

Way to go Samson, you finder of lost things!



Teleseminar: The Three Wealth Wizards of Inner Earth


Saturday August 17 at 4 PM eastern

Sunday August 18 at 2 PM eastern

(see fee choices below)


FEE: 47


Teleseminar and Audio replay


Upgrade 67

Teleseminar, Audio replay, and Amygdala re-set audio. Lord Odin says that a negatively charged Amygdala can send you into a spiral of despair and comes from generations of struggle.


Premium Upgrade: 87


Teleseminar, Audio replay, and Amygdala re-set audio. Plus…”Song of the Constellations Audio”

Each Constellation emits a certain tone. Your unconscious KNOWS each tone and HOW to use it for strength and longevity. This audio will guide you in tuning in to the constellations at will.


This includes the FORBIDDEN 13 constellation, Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer (think Kundalini as this is also known as the constellation of Immortality)


Lord Odin would love to see everyone get the premium upgrade.

To make that affordable for everyone, I have divided this into 3 payments.


87 one pay


Three at $33 each



Teleseminar: The Three Wealth Wizards of Inner Earth

Saturday August 17 at 4 PM eastern

Sunday August 18 at 2 PM eastern

Register and take it by audio if the time is not right.

You will meet these 3 Wizards of Wealth!

Charles: Ease of Obtaining

Sampson: Finder of those Things Hidden

Oscar: Satisfaction as a Magnet


Each of these Wizards will be guiding us collectively:

 First to Inner Earth (Because the magnetism is much stronger- and it’s time to re-connect)


Then into our own consciousness to:


Obtain things far easier (remove the resistance)

Find Hidden Things (some need dissolving, some need embracing)


Use the power of Satisfaction to magnetize

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