I Always felt Ugly…


May I share my “Ugly” story?


When I was a child, I thought and FELT to my core that I was ugly!


I remember sitting in church one day and this young couple were sitting in front of me.

I was fascinated because they seemed so affectionate with one another.

(in my family affection was rarely shown)


As I was staring in admiration at the young couple, they suddenly turned around and offered me a piece of gum!

Immediately, I felt shame!


I supposed in my little girl mind that they were giving me the stick of gum to STOP me from looking at them!


How did I get such an idea?


My momma told me that people were always commenting that my little sister, Rosie, was the pretty one in the family.

Momma’s words are as clear today as the day she said them…


”Everybody always looks at Rosie and says, Oh, what a pretty little girl…then they look at you and say…and there’s Becky”.


Now, my momma was a kind soul and surely did not mean to give me an “ugly complex”…she simply did not realize how much I was affected.


Sadly, my pretty little sister, Rosie, did not live to be an adult. She did of meningitis at a very young age.

Even as a little kid…I sometimes wondered if her dying was partly my fault for being jealous of her ‘prettiness’.


Funny thing is…as a child I would look in the mirror and say to myself…”Becky, you may be ugly now, but you’re going to get prettier and prettier the older you get!”

…and you know what?


When I look in the mirror now…I am filled with self-love!

I refuse to criticize myself for the parts that are flabby or a bit chubby!(I’m 66…and grateful to feel young)


Gosh…what a long way I have come!

(Of course, I have done a lot of work on this- I could never put myself out on video if I still felt UGLY!)


I know that momma looking on from heaven is clapping her hands in glee that her “ugly duckling’ finally got some self-love!

My Momma









You know…self-love MAKES your inner beauty shine!

When your inner beauty shines…your whole world is aglow. Others notice your light and want to get close to it.


On this page…I have designed a little min-evaluation to help you see what could still be holding you back.




Love, Rebecca




If you had to finish the sentences below…what would you put?


Ever since I was a child, I have felt/thought I was ______________________________________


I can tell this still follows me because _______________________________________


If I let this feeling/thought/belief go then I might have to _______________________________________



If I allow myself to feel self-love then others might _______________________________________




Send me an email to my private acct and let me know what you got.



Rosie n Rebecca- I am wearing sunglasses.

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