Angel Communication for Beginners

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  1. Free Angel Workshop

      2. Free 111 Hrtz The Clairaudient Frequency

      3. Your Chance to save BIG on the Advanced Channeling course (coming up soon)

Yes, you can!

To get the most out of this FREE Angel Communication for beginners, please bring pen and paper to class.

Just  follow along…I  guide you by video in what to do.


We have help by playing the 111 HRTZ  Clairaudient frequency in the background.



 Why I created my OWN 111 HRTZ Clairaudient Frequency music.

When I discovered the benefits of this HRTZ  in opening up the brain to psychic development… I KNEW I wanted to have my own 111 HRTZ music,  and make it easy for other Lightworkers to have to too!


Because I did not desire to infringe on any copyright laws…

I had a meditation expert create a 111 HRTZ frequency recording just for my personal use. It is copyrighted by me…however, I am giving ANYONE permission to use it in their work.


PS: Download MY FREE 111 HRTZ audio- two hours of The Clairaudient sounds to help you.


Advance Notice of Advanced Channeling: (Register and I will let you know FIRST_ so that YOU can have to most savings)

Even if you don’t think you have a psychic bone in your body. If can teach a left-brained engineer to talk to dead people using my techniques…I am sure I can help you!




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