The LOVE Eclipse

Recently, I got an email from a spiritual leader I respect… suggesting that we NOT do any spiritual work on or around an eclipse.

His thought is that sometimes dark energies come through on the wings of an eclipse.




That just got me thinking…well why not just LOVE everything you think about on those days?

LOVE is a powerful elixir!


So even though I drove almost 400 miles to get home from a trip that day…I quickly made a video on this idea for you.

(Pardon if I seem a little spacey…) 


Let’s LOVE…shall we?

Love yourself to start off.

Get physical with it!

Love your skin, LOVE your body, love your eyes.

LOVE the smell of coffee in the morning!

Love the solution to all your problems coming to you right now!


Hit reply and tell me what you love!





PS: I love you!



PSS: Share if you like..HUGS and LOVE!


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