Independence Day: Half off session (only 5 spots)

A few days ago…I was in the ladies room of my favorite beach hangout.

This lady in the next stall said very timidly…”Can I ask you something”?

Still without seeing me she continued…”If you were dating a man and his family didn’t like you…would you let him go”?

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How is THAT possible!

(Now, how did SHE pick up that I was a spiritual/emotional healer?)






I responded that if she really loved the man… that she should stand up for her love.

I was expecting some timid, mousey woman to emerge from the stall.

Instead, this absolutely gorgeous woman with perfect hair, skin and a body to match emerged!


How on earth could such a creature of beauty have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in herself?

For some reason…the lady (Beth, not her real name) opened up to me about how she had been abused by BOTH her father and her brother!

She was crying tears as we walked back out.

(Photo is not the real Beth)


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(I gave her my number and asked her to call for a few sessions- Lordy… ONE would only be a start in that deep river of despair and damage!)

This is part of the Inspiration for today’s mark down offering.



So…here in the US, we are celebrating Independence from Great Britain.

What would you like To Declare your Independence from?

What deep issues would you like to have your freedom from?






Poverty Patterns?

Betrayal Patterns?

Abuse Patterns?


What else?


I felt inspired to offer YOU  something I never have…more than half’off on a package.

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Most issues that are deep need MORE than one session. You can use them as you like and they will never expire.

Once you purchase, you and I will plan our strategy depending on your situation and urgency.


Package of TEN 50 minute Private sessions for only 997. (normally 2000)

No pay plan for this one=time (never before offered) opportunity.


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(There were only 5 openings for this- so I can have MORE attention to give you)

I CANNOT offer more than 5 spots BECAUSE… I could get overbooked and NOT have  time to give  you My absolute best self.

Love, Rebecca


PS: I have some openings this week so we can start getting you your freedom as soon as possible.









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