Can a Dead Person be YOUR Albatross?



I remember it as if it were yesterday.(Even though it was almost 20 years ago)

All my friends were excited to be getting readings from a famous visiting astrologer who was in my area for a month.

Gee…they came back from their readings all pumped up and bragging about the stuff she told them.


So, of COURSE I gave the astrologer my info and booked an appointment for myself.

I couldn’t wait to hear all about my chart and possibly the wonderful future it read for me.



OH SHOOT…was I ever wrong!

The lady DID say my chart showed a FEW good things about me…but MOSTLY she raked me over the coals.

It was as if she bore me very intense animosity that I didn’t understand at all!


I crawled like a worm from her presence!

So filled with shame was I…it was hard to drive myself home.


Hot tears spilled over my cheeks. Gee…everyone else LOVED their reading…what on earth was wrong with me?


I felt like I was truly a GOOD person to the bone and here this FAMOUS person is telling me how I am a thief and obtrusive upon other people! (And more too painful and embarrassing to confess)



It was two weeks before I could dare to teach a class or offer my services at all (remember, this was almost 20 years ago)


However…this woman DID tell me that if I worked really hard on my FAULTS that I could redeem myself.

(according to her reading of my “ha ha” chart)


So I did…I paid attention to any time I might be obtrusive or NOT give credit where credit was due.

I felt so proud of myself for paying extra special attention!


After a year…all my friends got another reading when she was again offering them


Surely…this time, a whole year later my chart will say how much I have improved???



Within 5 minutes of this next reading she was telling me that not only did I NOT improve…I was MUCH worse!

(Pretty much a HORRIBLE person)


THANK GOD, I snapped to my senses and realized that for some reason…this woman was spewing her personal opinion…it was downright abusive!

It HAD to be a past life thing as I had NEVER met her and gave her no cause to hate me with such vehemence.


I told her that I would NO longer take this abuse and left the reading.


I was STILL stunned that I had allowed this to happen.

A few years passed and I heard that the lady had died and all her charts with her.


Funny, every time I remembered her, I could FEEL terrible energy coming at me.


You know…just because someone dies does not mean they resolve everything.

She STILL had a bone to pick with me.

I must have done something horrible to her in a past life. 


As I was doing my own “Albatross Clearing” processes…it came to me that she was one of my HIDDEN Albatross patterns that NEEDED to be resolved.


I applied my six step technique and presto…the energy cleared!


(Please don’t feel any bad feelings towards her…maybe she just came into my life just so I could share this lesson with you today)


So…to answer the question we started out with Yes a dead person CAN be your Albatross.

Are you ready to clear your Shame/worry/lack/Albatross patterns?




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Love, Rebecca


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PSS: Once, you learn my six step technique…it’s

Wash Rinse Repeat

Use it over and over again on any Albatross patterns that EVER come up for you.


PSSS: I am convinced that my process is so wonderful…I will GIVE it to you!

I mean let YOU, encourage you, to teach it to others if you want too!

Let’s all get clear together!




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