Your Angels Want You to Know!

When I asked my Angels what they most wanted…here is what they told me.

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“Rebecca, we want you to tell people how much we LOVE them and admire them! “

Let them know specifically how much we admire them exactly as they are in their human state.

…and Rebecca, tell them how they can call in MASSIVE assistance in growing their spiritual gifts! It’s time for an evolutionary leap forward and there are LEGIONs of Angels standing by to help!


Find out how YOU can increase your Spiritual Power now!

You have two chances to attend:

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Thursday May 9 at 3 PM eastern


Friday May 10 at 3 PM eastern


Pay what is in your heart!

Just drop to your heart and ask YOUR ANGELS how much is right for you to contribute!



Pay what the Angels Suggest for you.


Expect this to be an exciting time of Spiritual Growth!

I will also be giving LIVE min-angels messages for those who have questions.


Don’t miss this!


Can’t see pictures?

Love, Rebecca


PS: This will be delivered by teleseminar and by Livestream video.

To ask me questions you need to be on the teleseminar and do *2 to raise your hand!


PSS: If you can’t attend, register and I will send you the audio of BOTH times the Angels present this!

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