Why are The Unicorns Coming to our Children… Especially Girls?


Have you been  wondering why the unicorns are such a fad now…with  young adults and children…especially the little girls?


Children’s hearts are open and they’re are born believing in magic, yes, LOOKING for magic.


It is only as the adults in their loves DISCOURAGE this…That the belief in magic fades.


I have a dear friend who as a young girl could actually SEE fairies playing in the field near her home.


She got so many beatings for speaking about it that she just finally shut up!

My friend feels so sad NOW because even though she still believes…she can no longer see the fairies.




Let’s talk of Unicorn Magic!




Queen Natalia of the unicorns asked me to take a look at  the ancient art depicting Unicorns.


The Queen asked me to open my eyes and heart to the hidden mysteries within these old works of art.




In almost every painting or tapestry from way back, centuries ago… when there is a unicorn it is almost always interacting with a woman or a young girl.


In most of these paintings or tapestries the unicorn was definitely being loved by a woman and giving love to the woman.









In some of the ancient artwork… I found the woman to be in a very sexual pose.



For instance, in several paintings…the coverings of her breasts were actually cut out. Her nipples were peeking out as if to say…Yes, I am sexual and yes I am a nurturer!




Does that sound like a Divine Feminine representation or what?




Conversely, in almost every single painting that depicted unicorns with men…

Guess what the man were doing?




The Men  were killing the Unicorn!


In one painting a whole group of men are gathered around an innocent Unicorn…killing it!




From a spiritual perspective, this represents … the killing off of the Divine Feminine.


Is it any wonder that the unicorn energy is surging back today and appealing to the young ladies?

It is indeed time for a return of the Divine Feminine energy.


Queen Natalia of the unicorns, assures me that the presence of the unicorn is needed to bring back the magic that only a woman’s loving touch can bring.



The world is dying for that touch of nurturing, of motherly love, of sexuality …and especially, of the magic!


Men who are interested in unicorn magic at this time very likely incarnated to be part of restitution.

(I salute these men! Almost HALF the people who have oped for the Unicorn Pineal Energy Transfer, have been MEN!) ) Of course the MEN in my circle are extraordinary!

These men are part of the Restitution to BOTH the Divine Feminine and the Divine Magic of Unicorn Energy!


Or, simply a very involved being who recognizes the importance of embracing and the need for the feminine energy.


It is now time for that long lost magic that only our unicorn friends can bring.



For those very evolved souls who desire to Be a BIGGER part of this Unicorn restitution and Divine Feminine Re- Emergence…consider


Unicorn Pineal Seed Transfer

In this Unique Unicorn Energy Transfer… Majestic  Queen Natalie will transfer into your Pineal Gland…a seed of Unicorn Magic!







This Seed Transfer will cause:

  • A clearing of the Pineal
  • An Awakening of Ancient Unicorn Remembrance
  • Activation of the tiny crystals within the Pineal

Queen Natalie assures me this “energy seed transfer” will cause automatic Pineal Acceleration leading to.

  • Greater Psychic Awareness
  • Clarity of Inner Vision
  • A Sense of Magical Erupting Joy in Your life

This is an intense (no Talking) session  only 15 minutes needed. (five extra minutes to warm up the energies)

Expect to stay in trance for awhile afterwards so don’t go signing any legal papers!

Regular $299.

Only 99 for this week only!

Appointments still available this Saturday and Sunday.


Yes, I want my Pineal Seeded by Queen Natalie of the Unicorn Kingdom!






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