What if Beliefs you swear are true… are the very things Keeping you Sad, Lonely or Broke?


Earlier, I was sitting on my back porch thinking about my pentecostal preacher daddy.


My dad had such a strong belief that “Jesus is coming back any minute” that he did not think it was necessary to prepare for the future.

None of us were encouraged to even finish High School.

Why go to school…don’t you know that Jesus will return, the world will end and if you aren’t right with God…you will be LEFT BEHIND?

Scary Stuff!

Scary belief!

Yet, my daddy was convinced it was true, even on his death bed.


Dad even  even said to me…”Becky-doodle, I am not going to die because Jesus is coming way before that happens.”

Well, of course Jesus DID come for my daddy…just NOT in the way my daddy believed.

No trumpet in the sky, no dead rising first to meet him in the air…and thankfully, no evil antichrist to torture all us poor sinners left behind.


So…it got me to thinking…what if I have some faulty beliefs that I BELIEVE in so strongly?

How would I know?

Of course Spirit reminded me that I already have the answers within…so I ran quickly to make YOU this video.


Watch the video, tap with me and look in the only place the true answers lie…in your HEART!


Be a love and pass this along to someone you know will benefit.






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