Was Magdalen a Virgen? Was Jesus a Virgen? Does it matter?

Burning Questions: Was Mary Magdalene a virgin? Was Jesus a virgin? What were Her early temple trainings like?

*For the purpose of this book, Mary is allowing me to use the name Jesus or the Christ because that is the name most of us are familiar with.



Keep in mind that this book is a series of early morning conversations between Mary Magdalene and I.


Some of the chapters are very short…and some are longer. All are revealing and sometimes surprising!

This is just a small sample of the chapters in this provocative book.


As I am sitting here with pen in hand…I keep feeling Mary Magdalene wants to talk about the question burning in everyone’s mind… Was she a virgin when she came to Jesus? We already know they had wonderful, sacred, sexual encounters.

(That old crap about Mary Magdalene being a harlot was total fabrication by miss interpretation.  The arm bracelet she wore identified her as a priestess from the temples of Isis. Some interpreted the bracelet as a sign of being a sexual prostitute.


(The duties of sexual priestess are explained later in this book. NOTHING compares to the depth of healing levels these Sexual healing priestess were able to deliver.  In NO WAY could this healing be associated with prostitution!)


Still, that brings us the BIG question, was Christ Himself a virgin? (Ok, maybe only I want to know this)

 Hm, had Christ been initiated in the sacredness of sexual/spiritual experience by his journeys in Mystery School teachings?

(Mary does not fully answer this question in this chapter…the more detailed answer comes in a later chapter.)

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