Another FREE Mini-Money-Workshop in my Birthday Month (What’s BLOCKING My Money?)



According to my “Angels of Abundance” there are 3 BIG things blocking your money.

In this FREE Mini workshop you can:

  • Find out what your Personal Big 3 are
  • Clear them
  • Receive a “Money Pocketbook Blessing”


Bring your wallets, debit cards, credit cards, purse or prayer cloth to receive a Money-blessing at the end.

Join live right here at ONE PM eastern


Or participate LIVE in the chat  on Youtube






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PSS: If you miss the LIVE one due to timing. watch the replay  here.

You didn’t think I would leave you out did you?




First FREE Money Workshop rom a couple days ago.

MONEY for No Reason!

This is my Birthday month and Spirit always gives me something extra special for you!

In my meditation this morning… I received a download of an extraordinary proposition. 


“My guidance said… “Rebecca, teach people how to ask for and receive…”Money for No reason”…no reason at all!”

Within a matter of minutes the entire mini workshop was downloaded to me and I was writing as fast as my little hands could keep up to get it all down!

This goes against all normal thoughts about asking and receiving.

Isn’t it true that we always NEED to explain what we need ANYTHING for?



JOIN me LIVE today at 

2:30 PM eastern

1:30 PM central

11:30 AM Pacific

Bring pen and paper…this ain’t no two minute rush job.


You have two options to join LIVE>>>>

Return here at the right time.

Or join me direct on YOUTUBE (you can use LIVE Q and Q via the chat box)

Direct on Youtube

(You can ping the youtube button right now and ding the little reminder bell to be reminded)



That’s it for now…see ya soon and come prepared for a teaching to rock your world!

After all…it’s directly from the Angels of Abundance and Yours truly!



Love, Rebecca


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Yay you!


PSS: Download this catchy tune to help integrate this teaching into you BODY, MIND and SPIRIT!

Money for NO Reason!

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