Prayer to Divine Mother Azna Sophia for Financial Help

Sometimes, we forget what a powerful source of help our Divine Mother is.

Watch the video to say the prayer with me…or read it below.

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It doesn’t matter what name you call HER…just call Her. Let Mother pull you up into Her lap and listen to your request.



Dear  Mother Azna,

I KNOW that I am a Divine Being having a human experience…

Yet, sometimes, dear Mother… I feel like a little child!


I get scared with all the financial responsibilities of life.

Dear Mother… I get SO TIRED of the Struggle to Survive.

…and I confess, Dear Mother, sometimes I DO feel like giving up!


From my little child within, I ask for Your help.

Hold me in Your arms.

Dissolve all my troubles and BLESS me to receive my daily sustenance.


I rest now in Your arms.

I TRUST You to guide me.






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Love, Rebecca


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