Shame Buried Alive…NEVER Dies!


What are you ashamed of?

What do you still feel shame about?

Maybe you’ve worked on it so many times and you just can’t get to that final layer!


Sometimes…the shame is so buried…you don’t even realize the damage it is doing!

You know the really bad thing about hidden shame? (Besides the whole…it’s the lowest vibration thang!)


Shame is like a REVERSE magnet… REPELLING the very things that you Desperately Want!



IE: If you still have hidden shame about sexuality or sexual abuses…you may find yourself REPELLING good sexual relations…or healthy relationships period!


If you have hidden shame over money issues…you may find yourself repelling PROSPERITY! (Even when there is no visible reason for this to continue!)

If you have shame around your body image…you may find yourself hiding out in either- too much fat, crazy exercise habits, anorexia, low self-esteem…anything to hide who you really are!

Often, it’s not the GLARING shame…NO! It’s the hidden shame that is doing the worst damage!


Want to know the sure way to find out where your shame is hiding?


Look at what you’re repelling in your life!

What are you missing?

Shame is likely that “Backwards Repelling Force” driving your happiness and fulfillment away!


Spirit has given me a SEVEN Step Template to discover and dissolve your shame at its very core.






CAN you…

Imagine with me…

See yourself HAVING that yummy good sexual relationship.

See yourself HAVING ease in all kinds of relationships.

See yourself HAVING an ease with prosperity that you have never known before.

See yourself embracing my 7 step releasing shame template and able to apply it to every shame monster in your closet!





In honor of my brother, Johnny,  who recently passed…I am offering this tele-class.

His shame over past drug and criminal activities kept him from accepting forgiveness, and accepting the love of his family!

read about my brother


Shame, embarrassment, and self-loathing caused him to hide out from even his own children.


Can you see your life on the “other side” of shame? your own hidden shame?

Info :

Tele class times and fee: UnHoly Shame: Release the Tyrant Within

Class times are: (about 2 hours)


Saturday March 2 at 3 PM eastern

Sunday March 3 at 3 PM eastern.

Monday March 4 at 7 PM eastern (special TWEAK session)


Fee 67. (Live class and audios)

WAIT…  “After class” tweak available.

check out upgrade

Why would you need a tweak?

Because it’s easy for me to “see” what may not be able to. I have no emotional attachment to your past or present.

Besides…years of experience and DEDICATION have honed my psychic powers to a razor sharp edge.


This is a very quick ‘after class’ healing that unveils MORE of the Hidden Tyrant and Dissolves it!

Only a few  TWEAKS available…first come first served!

Fee 107 (Live class, audios and personal tweak)



+Important about the tweak. If you cannot stay after class you have two choices. 

#1. I do you in ABSENTIA. (you don’t need to be present for me to ready your energy)

#2. Take the makeup TWEAK class on Monday March 4 at 7 PM eastern

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