Unicorn Magic Money Method

A few days ago, I was listening to a voice mail from a precious Lady in Mexico.

(I felt kinda bad because she had sent it to me way back in December and I’d somehow missed it.)


Because I felt  just slightly guilty… I paid close attention to her message.


Her big problem? She just couldn’t get a break in finances!

She listed ALL the methods she had tried to get rid of her “poverty patterns”…EFT, TAT, Psych K, Theta healing…and STILL, she was stuck!



A little voice whispered to me…”Bet, she hasn’t tried Unicorn Pee!”

When I asked Spirit for clarity…here is what came forth from the collective of Unicorn Spirit.


“Rebecca, The problem is NOT the healing modality…

NO, the problem is the FEAR that a modality will work and then one might actually have to take some ACTION!”


Gee, I replied, that sounds kinda harsh, explain more.

What sorts of fears are blocking either ‘taking action’ or moving forward out of the Horrible Hole of NOT.


NOT being Abundant.

NOT Thriving.

Not realizing your VALUE.



But wait! I exclaimed…what does fear have to do with Unicorn pee?

(I happen to know Unicorn pee tastes like champagne…but no one else would know that)


Unicorn Spirit continues…”Just like tasting Unicorn pee is an UNKNOWN…so releasing FEAR an unknown.

Please teach a class that sets participants free of these fears.

Then, they will have liberty to become as abundant as they please…and Rebecca…show them that drinking a little Unicorn pee is a metaphor for facing fears, trying new things and finding them delightful!”


So, I asked…What fears do you see are the GREATEST blocks to humans THRIVING?

What is that VIBRATION in harmony with money that we are missing?




It was then that Unicorn Spirit gave me a pretty long list. (See if any of these match up with you)


Fear of asking for more abundance as a partnership arrangement. Most people beg, plead, and wheedle with God and explain WHY they need it! (They even feel they must explain why they deserve it)


  • Fear of asking “What can I do to get there”?
  • Fear of following through with ACTION when guidance comes.
  • Fear of following your own intuition.


  • Fear of what others will think.
  • Fear you won’t be blessed and others are more worthy than you.
  • Fear the Universe has run out of resources.

And the really big one…

  • Fear that you somehow PISSED God off and you are being punished!


AFTER we have addressed and released these fears…

I’m going to show you how to NEGOTIATE a deal with the Divine.

(Hey, I may offer you a little Unicorn pee to drink a toast!)


Ready to drink the kool aide? (errr, would that be Unicorn pee pee?)



This is presented worldwide as a tele seminar. My system has free calling so you can join from ANYWHERE in the world.

If NONE of the times are right for you to come live…REGISTER ANYWAY because you WILL get the kick-ass benefits by audio replay.


Times and dates:  (About 2 hours)

Friday Feb 15 at 8 PM Eastern (Over but you get the audio of this too)

Saturday Feb 16 at 3 PM Eastern

Sunday Feb 17 at 3 PM Eastern





Fee: 67, class plus all audios

class and audios




 No more upgrades available.







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