Private Unicorn Transformational Sessions

The Unicorns have asked me to create this offer to those who desire a deeper experience of Transformational Unicorn Magic.


This can only be done one on one.

No other energy can be mixed in. Just YOU , me, the Unicorns and whatever elemental spirits they bring in.

This is NOT a sales pitch…only YOU know if you are ready for this level of Experience.


The Unicorns have asked me to take you into their vortex similar to the portal experience that I had while I was opening THEIR portal.


To offer YOU the very same type experience yet tailored to Your energy and YOUR needs.


There is only one way to enter the Private Unicorn realm that I was drawn into.


I cannot share that with the general public. It is too powerful and could be mis used. (Can you blame the Unicorns for being cautious?)


Once inside this vortex via the portal, the Unicorns will show you how you appear energetically to them.


They will tell you the sounds or name that describes your mission.

Your Unicorn Spirit name.


This could be an ‘office’ they see you holding or a series of sounds that create real change when chanted.


Here are some things you can expect after having Private Unicorn Transformational Sessions:

Learn a special anointing ritual that marks you as an AMBASSADOR of the Unicorn Spirit! This is the same ritual anointing that gave to me as I opened the portal!

They asked me to use 24K gold dust but they have given me another way for YOU to have this same anointing!

(It took me awhile to even FIND 24K gold dust and the price was pretty high. Thankfully, I only needed a little bit.)

Photo credit to Christin Hume,



Access the KEY to Receiving!

Having and chanting your Unicorn Spirit name is the greatest key to receiving available at present!

Add to that your special anointing MARK as an ambassador and always be in the space of connection with this magic energy.


 As a flower gratefully receives the sun, rain, earth and the properties of air to thrive… so you too will begin to be in the effortless awareness that receiving and thriving is YOUR birthright!

You will simply utter your unicorn spirit name and chant words that indicate thriving and abundance to you.


This also opens the gateway for all of the elements and energetic nature spirits to assist you!

To choose to be a part of the Unicorn realm is a sign that you are ready to receive!


As you align with the Unicorn Spirit Energy, you will find yourself easily transported to a very unique energy space.


A space where lessons have already been learned…a space where there is no need to struggle.



As you return to your everyday life…you will find yourself filled with a renewed sense of power and purpose.


If you do find yourself slipping back into any kind of despair or lower energy…you will simply close your eyes, chant your name or sacred sounds and say words that depict your desired outcome.



The vision the unicorns showed me was myself as a being with wings attached to my shoulders…far stronger than I ever dreamed.

They also showed me I carry a lot of male energy.


The name they decreed for me…is PRISM MASTER!


Able to bring in a solid beam of light and transform it into many different streams.

They are guiding me to ACCEPT this great office and begin to use it in earnest to assist humanity.


The rest of the vision I experienced is a blur, yet I KNOW that I absorbed much and it will come forth when needed.




If you choose to have a one on one with me and this energy, you will experience my Prism Master abilities to help you see into the unseen… possibilities that are awaiting you!


Q. What if I am not visual? What if I don’t “get” anything?

A. I will be with you and I will help you SEE!

Remember, I AM the Prism Master and will transmute the energies for you if needed.


YOU will be absorbing these energies into your very BONE marrow!





Q. What more is there for me in a private Unicorn session?


Become closer to obtaining your hearts desires.

Become more confidant in who you are.

Become more trusting of your OWN intuition!


Become closer and more intuitive with the fairy and nature kingdoms.

Become closer to ALL non-human beings, rocks, plants, creatures of the sea.


Most importantly, this is tailor made for YOUR needs!

I cannot prophecy EXACTLY what your session will be like.




A session like this is not for everyone at this time.

It may take a financial stretch for you.

(It was absolutely a financial stretch for ME to go to another country and open the very  portal that makes this possible!)


If not now…then perhaps in the future. Your heart will know!


The Unicorns have asked me to price these sessions relative to the amount of life-force energy expended…. and the benefits it can bring to you!

This is a  priceless in transformation value for you!


It took much life-force energy  in traveling to open the portal.


This is the fifth portal I have joyfully given my life-force energy to open.

I value that I am now able to transmit MORE power to transform YOUR life!


In honor of the numerological meaning of number five.

CHANGE! is the primary meaning of number 5!

This offer is 500 US energy exchange for the  personal private session that will last for 50 minutes!


There are FIVE spots available now.


Go ahead and purchase if you are guided…

One payment of 500.

yes! I am ready!




Or choose 3 payments of 168.88 each 30 days apart.



If unsure…send me an email and explore your concerns.

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