AZURON 10th dimensional/ Metabolism Boosting / Weight Healing 4 week Course

AZURON 10th dimensional/ Metabolism Boosting / Weight Healing 4 week Course

Azuron is a 10th-dimensional Arcturian healer who reads, shifts and adjusts light patterns. In the 10th dimension, he is a rotating sphere of light.

Azuron allows me to help him continue as a healer by channeling through his extraordinary healing abilities.


This weight healing course is part Arcturian and part Rebecca Marina.


Azuron says… 3 things must be addressed to produce healthy results.


Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar!

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts, (Soul Contracts that is)

Metabolism, Metabolism, Metabolism


When I asked Azuron to give me information about weight healing…he started by repeating again the words above.




Azuron asked me to explain…

  • One can never truly heal the weight issue unless they FIRST address the Blood sugar issue.
  • One can never fully heal until they release all Soul Contracts that are BINDING them, prisoners… needing padding to cope.
  • Heal blood sugar, release soul contracts and the metabolism will come into a healthy balance.


Azuron Continues….participants will succeed as we work together using MY tenth-dimensional healing abilities along with YOUR experience in Helping to find the Hidden Soul contracts that are contributing to weight!


Azuron questions me…Do you remember, Rebecca that you stayed FAT for over 20 years and NOTHING that you did worked?


Nothing worked until you released/revised the soul contract between you and your husband!


Then Rebecca… did you notice that for the 1st time in 20 years…any method you chose worked?

Remember, how the excess weight just melted off?




Azuron continues…

Yes, Rebecca, for the first time in 20 years you returned to a balanced weight.


I tell you now…If you had NOT released that soul contract with your husband, you would STILL BE hovering at the 200-pound mark!


(From Rebecca, don’t misunderstand…I had to choose a new eating plan…yet, this time it worked! I was able to stay strong, stick to it, re-adjust my metabolism and have NEVER been fat again, ten years now.)



As you are well aware I read and adjust light patterns… However, I can only adjust what the human will and soul plan allow.

(IE: If one STILL has a strong soul contract, I cannot override it)

Yes, there are many weight programs that are effective yet most are only temporary because the energy system has not changed.

Azuron continues:

From my standpoint both as a physician and light pattern Healer, I see that healing MUST come from within.


Here is why I repeated so many times…


Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar!


A major culprit behind almost all weight issues is blood sugar!

Your unbalanced blood sugar Rules!

When your blood sugar starts demanding satisfaction you will do anything to shut it up!

You find yourself helpless to resist the quickest thing that will satisfy the blood sugar.

Am I right?

And unfortunately… Celery sticks just won’t do it!


From Rebecca: Azuron and I will be giving specific instructions PLUS healings to balance blood sugar starting at week one!

Let’s discuss …


Contracts, Contracts, Contracts, (Soul Contracts that is)


Azuron: There are soul contracts from this lifetime and others that need to be revoked or revised!



  • Soul contracts that keep you in a relationship that needs to end or be revised.
  • Soul contracts that keep you afraid to be “seen”.
  • Soul contracts where you take on the heaviness of others. (Many lightworkers are carrying THIS)
  • Soul contracts from other lifetimes that you need to rescind.
  • Soul contracts about your work in the world that you are not honoring.
  • Soul contracts to suffer abuses for the purification of your soul due to misguided understanding (these are left over from Religious dogma, either past or present life)
  • Soul contracts where you gave your power away.
  • Soul contracts where you agreed to be ugly or fat in order to help others feel better. (So you won’t out-shine them)


Beyond soul contracts are VOWS!

  • Vows that you will NEVER starve again.
  • Vows that you will never be seen as VAIN or puffed up.
  • Vows of self-denial.

Each week we will examine and release/revise specific soul contracts and vows that go along with them.



Metabolism, Metabolism, Metabolism!

How can you get a healthier metabolism?


Simple…get your blood sugar under control, get your obstructing soul contracts released and you will be ready to follow Azuron ’s steps to boost your metabolism.


(If you don’t heal; the first 2…you will never improve metabolism for the long term.)


In addition, Azuron says there are 3 major nutrients that almost all humans show as deficiencies.

We will tell you WHAT those are and WHERE to get them!


Are you ready to discover a method of thermogenesis that is more effective at burning fat than even exercise?

Best of all. THIS method of Thermogenesis is FREE!

 We will teach you!


Next, we must help you KNOW what your body considers pure CRAP!


How to STOP eating Shit!


Did you know there are TWO things worse for you than white sugar?

One of these makes your body cells SWELL with retained fluids and the other one turns you into a CRAVING CRAP maniac!


But…how can you resist these two things when your blood sugar is ruling the roost?


In a nutshell:

Azuron and I will help you:

♦ Release your ‘fattening” vows and soul contracts

♦ Balance your blood sugar

♦ Heal your faulty metabolism




So that you can:

  • Be free to pursue all that you have been waiting for!
  • Be empowered to choose what YOU want to eat…instead of being a SLAVE.
  • Be sexy!
  • Be healthier!
  • Be proud to fully show up


Endocrine system: Vitally important!


Each week… Azuron will guide us in healing separate organs of your entire endocrine system.

The Endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce hormones regulating:

  • Metabolism
  • Growth and development
  • Tissue function
  • Sexual function
  • Reproduction
  • Sleep
  • Mood and more


The Endocrine system consists of THESE glands:

  • Pituitary gland
  • Thyroid gland
  • Parathyroid gland
  • Adrenal gland‘s
  • Pancreas
  • Ovaries and females
  • Testicles in males


(Azuron requests we also include the Pineal gland)


Each week, in addition to tenth-dimensional energy healing to the glands…we address certain organs.

  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Heart

These organs ALL have a secondary ENDOCRINE function!


Guess what diseases of the endocrine system are?

Diabetes and blood sugar issues.

Finally, let us not forget the entire digestive system!

From the mouth to the anus, all systems will be harmonized.


Especially exciting is Azuron’s methods of re-booting the thyroid!

This alone will give you more energy, sharper mind, and help your hair to STOP falling out!

(I have been on thyroid meds for 2 years and it did nothing to stop my hair loss)


What else?

  • Tapping exercises to cement in the healings.
  • Tapping routine to speed your body VOLTAGE.
  • Tapping routine to create happiness and JOY!
  • Unique EASY physical exercises that you will LOVE doing.
  • Specific help with the nutrients you may be missing.
  • Intuitive guidance on every question you ask.
  • Easy to follow suggestions about food choices.


Is there a guarantee?


Yes! I guarantee that if you DO NOTHING… you will be in the exact same shape or WORSE this time next year.

Make no mistake…there is NO METHOD of reducing that requires NO EFFORT on your part! (Except liposuction and you have to pay big money for that!)

However, if you commit to this, participate fully, and do your part at home… I do guarantee that you will see results!


Remember this:

Losing extra pounds is FIRST an inside job!

  • Get your mindset adjusted.
  • Get your body in healing mode.
  • Get your energy body and spiritual body adjusted.


And you WILL rock at this and MANY other things in your life!

If you are coming in late…catch up by audio and join us…Several Ladies are already losing from the very first week!


This 4-week telecourse begins this weekend.

Each week will give you 2 opportunities to attend live. (You can also attend via audio replay if time is impossible)

Plus, my tele-system has FREE web call service from anywhere in the world!


Here are the dates and times: (about 2 hours)



(You only need to attend ONE of the sessions per week- I add extra time to accommodate more participants)

*You can also get full benefits via audio replay.

Saturday, Jan 5 at 4 PM Eastern

Sunday, Jan 6 at 1 PM Eastern

Special encore: Monday, January 7 at 8 PM Eastern

(For  people who are just returning from Holiday trips)

♦  If no time suits you, register anyway and take it via powerful audio- you can ask me questions via email!

Week Two:

Saturday, Jan 12 at 4 PM Eastern

Sunday, Jan 13 at 1 PM Eastern


Week Three:

Saturday, Jan 19 at 4 PM Eastern

Sunday, Jan 20 at 1 PM Eastern


Week Four:

Saturday, Jan 26 at 4 PM Eastern

Sunday, Jan 27 at 1 PM Eastern


Week 4 promises to be “extra delightful”…I will just be returning from opening the “Unicorn Magic Healing Portal”- re-instating Unicorn magic to the world of humanity.


So…participants will get an extra dose of healing on this week.




The fee is $497 for this UNIQUE weight healing course.


But YOU won’t have to pay that!


To make this affordable for all, I am slashing the price to $297!


$297 Full Pay.


If you like…

You can even make payments!


Choose 3 monthly payments of $105.77 each

Yes 105.77



Choose 5 monthly payments of $69.77 each

Yes 69.77



Still on the fence?

The first 20 to register get a FREE 15-minute quickie private coaching session at any time during(or after) the course!


Azuron and I are ready to help you start this year off with the MOST Unique Weight healing/ Metabolism course ever offered!

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