How to Have YOUR BEST New year EVER!


This far more than simple predictions…it is a Baptism in all that is good for you!

By watching this…you will know which places in the world to avoid in 2019.

You will get exciting new information about our star friends as well as info on…

The Return of Unicorn Healing Magic.

and much more!

I believe the ONLY REASON Spirit has asked me to do this…is so that we can CHANGE and SHIFT the negative news.


The reason we are getting the positive information is so that…

We can grab it and make it MORE powerful for ourselves!




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ON Dec 30 at 3 pm Central I will be bringing you URGENT predictions for 2019!

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For the Baptism…please bring a glass of water.

I will be guiding you in a sacred baptism of your own personal DESIRES for 2019.

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