Supernatural Blessing of the Gurus




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“The SuperNatural Blessing of the Gurus”

Join us: Sri Yukteswar (Guru to Yogananda), Master Lahiri Mahasaya, (Devotee of the Divine Mother) Yogananda, Avatar Babaji and Avatar Mataji in a Supernatural Blessing transmission.


This comes at my request to better understand a vision I was shown.

In the vision, I saw that every single time that there is a great calamity, fire, flood, earthquake…there is also a battle..


Yes, a battle between the forces of Light and the forces of dark.


These great gurus are coming together to:


Explain- why this is happening

Empower- us with Supernatural powers

Eradicate- our own fears



Awaken us to our greatest treasure.

Awaken us to how we can help in this great Transition

Awaken us that this is INDEED the Birthing process that the great prophets have spoken of.


We are in this great time of Transition… Now, Now, Now!

This is a day of great hope for us as citizens of the earth.



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