Favorite Thanksgiving Videos

First…a VERY Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Watch Here:

One of my family’s all time favorites! Grandma raps “what’s for Dinner?”

One of us will start singing and fall out laughing!

Watch Here:

Woman struggles with Turkey

Watch Here:



Revenge of the turkeys


We raised turkeys as a kid and I can sure realte to these turkeys!

Watch Here:

When You’d rather Just Push a PIE in their face? (Who me?)

Relatives can be hard to deal with…use this fun yet powerful EFT tips to get through WITHOUT pushing a pie in their face!

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Lots of good things coming up for all of us.

I am extending the Azuron Arcturian Pleasure Planet sale a couple more days…due to the holiday.

I’ll tell you more about that real soon.


Be safe and Much love,


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