Azuron and the “Pleasure Planet”

Yee Haa… Azuron told me of a place I LONG to go…a place of PURE Pleasure and love!

Pleasure Planet!

Located   in the 8th dimension and can only be accessed through your light body and your freedom through imagination!

Coupon expires today!



Azuron is a tenth dimensional  Arcturian healer who specializes in helping you to shift your light patterns.

An “Azuron healing Session” is only 20 minutes long and there is almost NO talking…you are in trance from the moment we connect on the phone and Azuron begins to channel through me.



Now, Azuron has suggested I take you to the Pleasure Planet.

You see, Azuron is constantly monitoring the vibrations of our planet (among others)

Azuron has noticed an extra amount of stress, discontent, and despondency in our population lately!


Solution…Pleasure planet!

I met Azuron through a book by Tom kenyon and agreed to be his arms, hands, and voice.

In the tenth dimension, you have no body…only a rotating sphere of light. When Azuron was in Arcturian form, he was a physician on a spaceship that was protecting earth.


Azuron was killed in a skirmish with nefarious invaders and ascended to the tenth dimension.
Azuron found that his interest in healing did not diminish, even though he was ascended…IN fact, his love of healing grew!




Now,  Azuron’s healing, pattern shifting energy is accessible to us!

For now, I am his primary channel, yet, he is always ready to channel through those who will spend the time needed to connect with him. (I conducted a training specifically to teach Azuron healing to participants)


Photo credit: Jake Thacker Unsplash

Pleasure planet:

Imagine a planet designed just for pleasure and joy!

The beings there are benevolent and live to serve. Every kind of healing and pleasure you could imagine is there.


Coupon expires today!

When you decide to have an Azuron session, Destination “Pleasure Planet”…Azuron will ask you 3 questions.

  1. Where in your body do you desire to feel healing or pleasure?
  2. What worries do you desire to dissolve? (He says. dissolve, not solve)
  3. What things about your appearance to you desire to improve?


After that…it’s trance time!

I personally can hardly wait to serve you in this manner!

Azuron tells me there is even a ‘Light Pattern Lipo’ room where we can loosen up some fat cells to be flushed from our bodies!

(Sign me up!)


You see, when I conduct an Azuron session…I merge with Azuron and I get to have the same experience you do!


In order to make this more affordable, I am putting an Azuron Pleasure Planet session on sale at 20% off (Normally, it’s 117 for 20 minutes. )

Offer good for ONE WEEK ONLY reserve your space today…take it any time.



You might think 20 minutes is short…but it’s all you need in one sitting of PRIVATE one on one attention from this gifted Arcturian healer!



Here are some of the treatments you may expect. (Mix and match any 3 from the entire list for each session)

  • Infusinion of Joy
  • Dissolving of worries
  • Light pattern Lipo



  • Stimulation of Light pattern in hair follicles ( addresses thinning hair)
  • Spinal infusion of courage to overcome, shyness, lack of motivation
  • Light Being caressing of entire body



  • Being held and cradled like a baby and healing your “inner baby” that never had proper mothering
  • Light pattern stimulation of your sexual organs for females (for rejuvenation)
  • Light pattern stimulation of your sexual organs for males (for rejuvenation)



  • Auric field repair
  • Inner organs stimulated for healing
  • Leave it up to Azuran to choose for you



When you register…you will email me your choices.

Remember, you can mix and match. Or…Azuron can CONCENTRATE on just ONE area if you prefer.(You can change them if you desire later)

You have a choice of Just ONE Azuron session  or a PACKAGE of 3 Azuron sessions. (Can be used anytime)


One session:

117 (use coupon code PLANET for 20% off) *Only 93.60 after coupon

Yes… Take me to Pleasure Planet




Package of Three sessions: (better deal)

or…a package of 3. (recommended if you need a LOT of Pleasure) * Only 239.20 after coupon

Yes, I need 3 times the Pleasure

(use coupon code PLANET for 20% off)


This coupon expires today.

Ha ha. Azurun says I NEED the Pleasure experience as much as you do!

Let’s go!


Love, Rebecca


Ready to dance!





Rebecca: Can you tell me more about Pleasure Planet and why you are showing it to us now?

Azuron: Yes, I will begin with why most people of earth take their spiritual evolution so seriously they don’t factor in the benefits of fun, self-care, and even attention to their appearance.

Pleasure planet was designed by the great Creatrix to be a safe haven and rejuvenation station for every being to come and be refreshed, re-energized and filled with Peace.

Question: why did you give me the particular menu of services that you did click here for menu

Azuron: As you know I read light patterns.

From my observation of the light patterns of most humans in your circle… I see what they must are desirous of.

Rebecca: are you saying that the menu of services would be different for another segment of the population or another species?

Azuron: Absolutely!
Pleasure planet, as a living entity, itself, can read the light patterns of all beings who may ever come and be refreshed and rejuvenated. Every being has different needs and every species has different needs.

Rebecca: Are there many different species on pleasure planet at one time?
How do they avoid confrontation if two non-friendly species meet?

Azuron: When a being a approaches pleasure planet… they must first pass through a peace enhancement chamber

( Rebecca: shoot this sounds like it’s worth a visit just to visit the PS chamber.)

Azuron continues…This chamber temporarily neutralizes feelings of animosity, superiority, power struggles, agendas, all chaos.

In short and plain English terms, the peace chamber neutralizes any and all obstructions that could prevent your relaxation time and enjoyment

(From Rebecca… You can pick up all your crap back up on the way out if you really want to.)

Rebecca: what would one expect from a visit to pleasure planet?

Azuron: that would be different for everyone as each experience is tailor-made for each being…

Not only do the beings on pleasure planet honor whatever you choose to experience… they also read into your deepest needs.

Just like me, they totally respect your souls plan and only shift as much energy that is in line with that plan


Rebecca: What do beings on pleasure planet look like?
Will they be scary?

Azuron: first… It is a very great honor to be in service on pleasure planet… only very evolved souls would even apply.

Second… beings on pleasure planet are what you would call “shape shifters”…
They are able to access your thoughts, memories and high ideals and therefore represent themselves in a manner that is most loving, safe and comforting to you.

They do this for every visitor so that all visitors to pleasure planet are never alarmed by any kind of vastly different appearance.

These beings are so benevolent that even to each other they morph into the most loving presence possible.


Rebecca: Do the beings on pleasure planet ever take a rest for themselves it?

Azuron: Oh yes!
1/2 of the planet is dedicated to service to others and the other half is dedicated to self-care.

However, these evolved beings actually grow stronger through their service.

The self-care they partake in simply puts them in an ever even greater love of their service.


Rebecca: Are the beings on pleasure planet in family units?

Azuron: Not when they begin service… Most of these beings have never experienced having a family due to various circumstances.

They pour all their love into the beings they serve.

When you visit, Pleasure Planet…You become the family they never had, the baby they longed to hold, and the lover they never got to caress.

See menu option for that one)



Rebecca: Do the beings ever fall in love with one another?

Azuron: Yes! Sometimes this does happen and even among very mixed species.

When this occurs, they may decide to live permanently on the self-care side of the planet and be of support there as a team.

Or, they may choose to leave and go to a dwelling place of their choice.
Remember, they’re in the eighth dimension and can manifest all that is needed for any living quarters and sustenance.


Rebecca: How can one expect to feel after a visit to pleasure planet?

Azuron: Rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. And depending upon your intention you may feel many different bodily sensations as the beings ministered to you.

From Rebecca: I have had clients tell me that they felt
‘Popping noises’ as their back was worked on
Tingling all over
A sense of floating
A sense of being LIGHTER
In another world
A pulling sensation as STUFF was being taken out of them

Many have reported that they fell asleep for hours afterwards.

What will YOU feel?
What will you choose?
What is your DESIRE?


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PS: I EXTENDED the coupon savings due to that crazy Cyber-Monday.

I did NOT desire to send this out when the internet was already overloaded with TOO MUCH Marketing!

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PSS: You don’t really need ME to take you to Pleasure Planet...ask Azuron to take you there. Azuron is not exclusive to me!

However…I do have the experience and a close relationship with Azuron. (You can have that too if you ask for it and put in the time)

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