Mary Magdalene Healing Experience

Mary Magdalene Healing Experience


Mary Is guiding me to offer a special healing experience AFTER the “Becoming More Magnetic” class.

(This class will be slightly condensed to allow for short break before the Magdalene healing potion.)


You may invite ONE person as your guest to the “”magnetics” class.


If they desire to attend the Mary Magdalene Healing Experience.

Send them this link:

They can choose their own level of contribution.


Her words to me…

Rebecca, in this session…let us take them to the “Cave of Healing Possibilities” for all things internal.

We will be assisted by the people of Inner earth as well as the Fairies, Elves, Gnomes and Divas of the nature kingdom.

Then…let us rise to the mountain…the very summit of healing possibilities for all things affecting us externally! WE will be assisted here by our Star friends, Angelic realms, Azuron and of course my entire order of the Magdalena Priestess will be there.


At this, the information about the Healing Experience ceased and Mary turned to practical matters.



Mary Continues:

Rebecca, you must give people the opportunity to give a contribution to our ministry together.

When people contribute…they show faith. It also opens the energy field to receive!


To attend just out of “mild curiosity” does NOT show any faith at all!

Such dis-interest, or  skeptical energy could even be a hindrance to those attending with their hearts wide open.

You, Rebecca, are expending your life-force energy to bring this healing experience down from the etheric realm and into this solid plane.


Let those who are READY to have a healing experience attend.

My order of priestess are even now working with the energies of those who are ready to attend.


Q. Mary, how would a person KNOW if they were supposed to attend a healing event such as this?

A. They will FEEL it! They will feel an opening inwards.

They will NOT resent being asked to make a contribution to this ministry that you and I are offering.


Contribute ANY amount:

 (Mary suggest $40, but follow your OWN inner guidance)

Yes, Mary, I desire healing experience!


You may feel guided to do more…or you may feel guided to do less.

There is no judgement.


Contribution assures you entrance to BOTH healing times this week.



Title: Mary Magdalene Healing Experience
Time: Tuesday, October 30th at 9:45 PM Eastern


Title: Mary Magdalene Healing Experience
Time: Wednesday, October 31st at 2:45 PM Central



Yes, Mary, I desire healing experience!



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