Two Words to Change your Brain to Bring you BOTH Money and LOVE!

I’m excited to tell you that I am about to announce a Manifesting course that is SPECIFICALLY designed for the Light Workers brain.

I probably DON”T need me to tell you that us Light Workers have a different “brain set”  about money than say…as astute business person.


Please get started with the exercise in this video, so that you can start manifesting RIGHT now!

Boy oh BOY, just WAIT until you see the entire course description that my team and I have been working on!

” The Lightworkers Brain…on Money!”

(BTW…YOUR team of guides and angels –  have been visiting with MY team to make sure we cover ALL your SPECIFIC Light worker needs.)


More on that soon.

For now…do the exercise in this video every day and watch magic unfold JUST FROM THIS Brief EFT, sound healing exercise!



It is so wonderful to finally present this indepth course for you- be on the lookout for that soon!



Love, Rebecca


Now, please START doing the exercise on the video….maybe you have plenty of moola but you could use MORE LOVE in your life.

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