The Light Workers Brain…On Money!

If you are a Struggling Light Worker…you probably don’t think the same way “normal” people do!

Especially when it comes to money!

Likely, your first thoughts about ANYTHING (money included) are compassionate, benevolent, giving, serving and always, always putting yourself LAST!

 “The Light Workers Brain…on Money!” Ten Week telecourse is designed to CHANGE the parts of your brain that RESIST having money!


Yes! Change your SAD  ‘Resisting Brain’ into a Money Attracting System!



According to my expert spiritual guidance, there are factions pitted against Light Workers to prevent them from becoming abundant!





Because money talks!


If Lightworkers start becoming very abundant, then the population will LISTEN to them and WAKE UP from the stupor of separation from Source.


This Great Awakening has already begun!

Have YOU felt the yearning to break through and widen your own circle of influence?

Or maybe…you just wish you could take a big deep sigh of JOYFUL RELIEF… KNOWING that all your monetary needs are taken care of!

(Did you know that your LIGHT is brightest, naturally radiating healing when you’re in a state of contentment and joy?)



Have you noticed it is the Light Workers who have managed to become abundant who have influenced the MOST people and caused the greatest awakenings?


Would anyone have listened to

Tony Robbins,

Gregg Braden,


Richard Bandler (NLP),

Gary Craig (EFT),

Barbara Marciniak (Pleiadians),

Sylvia Browne,

Mark Victor Hansen,

Jack Canfield and many more…

if these people had NOT created enough abundance to get their work out there?


Gee, what about Kaia Ra whose book, The Sophia Code, became an instant best seller in the Spiritual Community? (Kaia Ra had mighty spiritual assistance and then she ACTED on the guidance)


Ask yourself… “who has influenced ME the most in my spiritual growth?”

Were they poor as Job’s turkey?


Yet, unfortunately, we tend to compare ourselves to those who are successful, leaving us to feel “separate”- like we just don’t have the right combination yet…

Credit where credit is DUE:

A BIG influence to the PRACTICAL side was from An out of print book “The Secrets of Super Selling” by Lynea Corson, George Hadley and Carl Stevens. It motivated me to reach for the skies and I used a lot of their suggestion in this course. (Turned them into energy exercises- just like I did when I made over 200,000)

This Ten Week course is designed to give you that perfect combination that works JUST FOR YOU!



Each week, you will have TWO chances to come live.

Fridays at 1 PM eastern, 12 PM central, 10 AM Pacific

Saturdays at 4 PM eastern, 3 PM central, 1 PM Pacific

However, (if no time slot fits) this course is designed to be VERY effective JUST by audio. (No reasons NOT to take this course if you need it- there is even a low payment plan)

Every week features a “magical exercise” to magnify/magnetize money to you.

(Just the magic exercises are worth the price of the course!  I have tested each one, and they work!)


Week One: Dragon Week (Yes…there BE Dragons!)

Banish Dragons: According to the Divine, Sophia…there are 3 BIG dragons that MUST be banished before successful manifesting can occur.

These dragons will ALWAYS goad you into feeling like a victim… like there is something WRONG with you and that you are DESTINED to spin your wheels forever!

#1. Worthiness Blocking Dragon: You don’t deserve Abundance, if you were really a ‘good’ Lightworker, you would already have it…yada, yada, yada! Those other lightworkers who ‘made it’ have something you don’t! (And you NEVER will no matter how hard you try!)

#2.  Implant Dragon: There is a specific implant many Light Workers have…Hidden deep in the Amygdala that TRIGGERS, Panic and Anxiety over money. When you suffer from this “anxiety/panic” implant…your BEST manifesting efforts will fail.

#3.  Fear/ Paralysis Dragon: You’re so afraid of making mistakes, going against old programming, displeasing God, family, society…that you DO NOTHING!


Each person’s Dragons will be different, possibly hiding out in different spaces in your energy field. There is no, “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” solution.

PLUS… The Secret Reason YOU personally have NOT made it yet! (Despite so much effort)

PLUS…The Secret Reason GOAL SETTING can be detrimental to your manifesting efforts)

PLUS…How to Detect your REAL Gut Instinct from Guilt, shame, culturally based instincts even when they ‘seem so right’.

IE: Everybody KNOWS you’re supposed to do…blah, blah, blah!


            Magical Exercise for week one:


Easy Magic Binding Spell for anything that deters your success this week!

***I can tell you now that since I have been doing this work…I have absolutely NO anxiety over money!

Even when my bank account gets a bit low…I KNOW it is only the ebb and flow and that MORE is there before I even need it!

I desire for YOU to have this RELIEF from anxiety because you can’t manifest ANYTHING good from a place of anxiety!

(With every session we use tapping, hypnosis, HPT, spiritual authority, eyeball techniques, trance, chanting and anything else we need to clear you!)

Week Two: Liberating from Subconscious Mind Slavery

This week…

  • Discover Something MORE Powerful than your subconscious and MAKE IT YOUR SLAVE!
  • Who’s REALLY Driving your subconscious mind? Sure we have heard about it over and over…we have done techniques to change yet nothing ever seems to actually work!
  • Meet your subconscious mind in a way you have NEVER considered before. (Make a deal with your subconscious? Hint… you don’t make deals with slaves)


  • Reprogramming the Amygdala trigger system to spark GOOD instead of chaos!
  • Principles of your subconscious:  Why it NEEDS specific orders or it will bring you the very things you DON’T want!
  • Brain Alert-discovering the KEYS to using your whole brain effectively.


  • Discover the power of dissolving even the most primal negative programs. (Did you know your subconscious mind has a habit memory too? It can dig a very deep RUT and needs your conscious help to get out. (I’ll teach you how to fill the hole up left by the rut)

 Magic Exercise: for week two:


The Eyeball Secret to manifest FAST!  This TECHNIQUE IS so effective AND fun!

I have used it over and over since discovering it with 100 % success!


(With every session we use tapping, hypnosis, HPT, spiritual authority, eyeball techniques, trance, chanting, and anything else we need to clear you!)

Week Three: Freedom from Karma and Saturn’s influences

*Please note that my references are from Vedic Astrology which differs from Western Astrology.

This week’s class description will be a bit different. You need some background information to understand the magnitude of the liberation this will bring you.

At last Azuron (tenth dimensional Arcturian healer) has given me the GREEN light to reveal this ‘Karmic freedom secret”.



We all know that Saturn is considered the ‘bad guy’ planet. The Judge as well as karmic influence.




Did you know Saturn is also in charge of:

  • Career and wealth
  • Suffering and poverty (THIS is what we usually associate with Saturn)
  • Deeds (Time to cash in on some of your good ones)
  • Dedication and discipline
  • Structure and order
  • Limits and delay (hey, Saturn, where’s my money?)
  • Reality (Want to CHANGE your reality?
  • Fear (Yikes…lets CHANGE this!)
  • Grandparents, bosses, servants

Here is the revelation from Azuron that can change the way you see Saturn forever!

Saturn is not only the planet of discipline it is also the planet of freedom.

The freedom part is not really talked about or known.

It is the planet of freedom because of the Etheric Karmic Relief laboratory that is within the very center of Saturn.


Not only that…there is a King and Queen of Saturn.


She tells me she is the Goddess Of Freedom!


One trip to this laboratory to experience the healing from the Queen’s intoxicating elixir… will set you free from years of torment.

Now you can STOP wondering what in the heck you have been doing to feel the wrath of Saturn for so long!


This is being revealed because of the balance being restored between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. It was simply NOT possible until now.

We have always seen Saturn as only a MALE planet and now we know that He has a Queen Goddess who is ready to step forward and balance out all this discipline and harshness we have associated with Saturn.

The Queen Goddess will bring out the nurturing, wealth consciousness, healing aspects that have been hidden for so long.


I have been to this laboratory and experienced this ‘revoking of karma’ and healing elixir of the Queen Goddess. I cried the entire time and the sweetness of the elixir is upon me still.

For this class segment, expect to be in a trancelike state most of the time.

I will take you to the Laboratory in your light body….just leave it to me and don’t be concerned about HOW this is possible.

Afterward …we will call for your Akashic records to be changed to reflect your new reality!


 Magic Exercise: for week three:

Magic Exercise: Magic Money Rock

Bring any kind of small stone or crystal with you to class (even one that you wear on a bracelet or pendant)

We will take that to Saturn and infuse it with the energy of wealth!

(With every session we use tapping, hypnosis, HPT, spiritual authority, eyeball techniques, trance, chanting and anything else we need to clear you!)

Principles I used to bring in over 200,000 Thousand Dollars… two years in a row!

(Just teaching my little energy healing classes!)


The FIRST 3 weeks have been about clearing…Now we get DEEP into the MONEY!


Weeks 4 to 10, I share with you Tips that are BOTH practical and Spiritual.

These Methods brought me well over 200K…two years in a row!


The only reason it slowed down was due to a great Saturn influence! I did NOT know how to shift Saturn’s influence back then and suffered many financial disasters!


This is Exactly why I share the Saturn Clearing with you BEFORE I teach you the hardcore money stuff!

*Week Four: Outcomes! (Do you already KNOW what you want to manifest?)

  • The Power of a firm decision.
  • Why “crafting an outcome” is 1000 times BETTER than old-school goal setting!
  • Why ‘Outcome increments’ are vitally important to your most magnificent manifestations!
  • EXACTLY HOW to craft the perfect ‘incremental outcome’ statement to fit YOUR situation right now!
  • How to use my aforementioned “Eyeball Magic Technique” to get you going forward by incrementally LEAPING from outcome to outcome!
  • Why you MUST put yourself in the picture/feeling of the outcome!
  • How to make the OUTCOME  MORE powerful by the addition of certain MAGIC words!
  • How to use the Goddess Hathor to vibrate in harmony with your desired outcome.
  • How to let this be ‘like child’s play’ and take the STRESS and desperation OFF!
  • How to find and use the ONE magic feeling that makes this a breeze!


        Magical Exercise for week four:


Magic Exercise: The magic door to all possibilities and the magic password to open it.

*Week Five: Creating YOUR Positive Magnetic Energy Field.

  • How to avoid the deadly (to your finances) mistake most people make when trying to become more magnetic!
  • Quantum physics- proof your field is REAL.
  • The power of your personal magnetic energy field used correctly.
  • How to recognize Negative magnetic energy fields from you and others.
  • How to dissolve them.
  • How to use your visual cortex to increase the power of your positive magnetics.
  • How to use the teamwork of your multi-dimensional selves to increase your magnetics and manifesting positive outcomes.
  • How to connect with the special magnetic field of money.
  • How to cleanse any detrimental energy around money before you draw it to you.


     Magical Exercise for week five:

Magic Exercises: There are TWO exercises this week as we glide deeply into the heart of money.

#1. The Magical “senses” of money.

#2. The Magical “Money Expectation” exercise.

Week Six: Dissolving Sneaky Negative Judgments

Most of us Light Workers are proud of the fact that we have already released judgments.

Sure…we don’t judge others very much…but…do we judge our own manifesting?

Do we realize how many times our thought automatically go to NO NO NO when we think of our abilities to manifest?

This week we discover the sneaky ways negative judgments are STILL getting in and disrupting our best efforts!


  • The detrimental effects of negative judgments.
  • How negative judgment happens and how to avoid letting it creep in on you.
  • How positive judgment happens and how to cultivate that INSTEAD.
  • Increasing positive energy.
  • Repelling unwanted experiences.
  • The power of No!
  • The power of YES!
  • Identifying and resolving negative denial
  • Identify negative judgments- free yourself from negative self-judgment.
  • Identifying and dissolving fear


     Magical Exercise for week six:

Magic Exercise:  Magic Mirror on the Wall (Complete with genie- my personal Manifesting genie has agreed to share his magic with you)

Week Seven: It’s starting to Roll in! NOW, what do I do?

  • How do I increase the volume of what is coming in?
  • Why what you give out comes back to you multiplied (unless you make this ONE mistake)
  • How to make sure YOU don’t make that ONE mistake!
  • How to know WHEN to go the extra mile.
  • How to go the extra mile.
  • WHICH direction does that extra mile need to take?
  • The law of increasing returns
  • Using the law of reciprocity (eliminating any “hooks” which will cause it to fail.)
  • What you give is what you get- how to increase the value of ANYTHING you give! (or get)
  • Taking stock of how far you’ve come
  • Recheck with your subconscious…do you need to give different orders?
  • How to give different more effective orders if needed.
  • How to use your inner child, brain chemicals, and will (prefrontal cortex) to take action on the new orders you give to your subconscious mind.


This week has TWO magic exercises!

     Magical Exercise for week seven:

Magic Exercise:

  1. The Dance of Money (how to use this even if you have two left feet!)
  2. Honey Money Magic exercise

Week Eight: What if I’m feeling stuck?

Let’s be REAL…as we shift New blocks can pop up. We’ve all heard the ‘layers of an onion story’- it’s true… lucky for you, I don’t cry when I peel onions…so you are in good hands with me!

  • When there is a delay take inventory- Your heart KNOWS the itch that needs the scratch.
  • Dealing with obstacles: New ones? It’s normal and an easy fix.
  • The obstacle of comparing (We ALL have been guilty of this one- especially me!)
  • The obstacle of language- Let’ review what/how we have been using language.
  • The obstacle of too little creativity- can’t think of any creative ways to attract money? Let’s check which organ you are using.
  • The obstacle of loss: Sometimes when things are getting better- old memories of other times when you LOST the good things you had. (We will take care of this for you)
  • The obstacle of energy blocks- any new ones popping up?
  • The obstacle of feeling like you don’t deserve what you REALLY want.
  • Discovering any hidden beliefs/embarrassment YOU have that are detrimental to your success in your profession.
  • Discovering if you are STILL being held back by the beliefs and opinions of others!
  • Identifying where you may have set up for ‘loss’ in the past.
  • Identifying where you settle for less than you really want. (haven’t we all done this?)
  • Identifying past and present forms of punishment. (very intriguing emotions you may have NEVER thought of that can be holding you back big time)


     Magical Exercise for week eight:

Magic Exercises: Quantum Jump with TWO Cups.

This exercise is been PROVEN to make magic happen.

It will take a bit to explain and I will give it to you in writing.

(Can’t wait to share THIS one with you!)

Week Nine: Visioning to GET An Awesome Future…beginning right now!


  • Visioning from the heart vs visioning from the head
  • Why trusting only the head can bring you to ruin.
  • How to STOP doing that!
  • Wisdom Mary Magdalene taught me about love,  abundance, destiny and trust.( I thank Mary every day for helping me to find pure BLISS just by listening to her advice!)
  •  The statement I use daily to stay in line with my highest destiny. (WHY it works and WHY it will work for you too!)
  • Deciding what DONT WANT ANYMORE OF and appreciating the good that came from it. (Yes, there WAS some good)
  • How forgiving the past energizes your future. 
  • Quantum jumping from the heart (A method I’ve never taught before)
  • Connecting with the planet Venus (Did you know Venus brings the quickest cash?)
  • What Venus is sick of and what she really wants instead. 
  • Visioning Lakshmi and receiving her grace. What pleases Lakshmi most…and what doesn’t please her at all! ( YOU NEED to know this if you are wondering why your petitions to Her are not working!
  • Why Light workers flow seems to get cut off when they do this one horrible thing…
  • How to STOP Stop, Stop, doing that!


     Magical Exercises for week nine:

Two magic exercises this week.

  1. Magic Exercise: Lakshmi Water breathing magic
  2. Magic Exercise: Venus love potion connecting magic

Week Ten: Celebrate! And keep it rolling in!

  • Motivating with rewards VS Motivating with celebrations. (The reason Rewards can be detrimental will surprise you!)
  • You don’t have to wait until you have your entire outcome before you celebrate!
  • How NOT celebrating can SLOW things up! (take this out Miserly energy- it’s NOT a waste of time or energy)
  • How celebrating even the smallest breakthrough does wonders for your energy field.
  • How celebrating increases the power of your magnetic field and causes you to surpass your outcome statement.
  • How Celebrating puts you in control of your success!
  • Wrapping it up and putting all ten weeks together!
  • Leaving time for Q and A about anything!


     Magical Exercise for week ten:

Magic Exercises: Two this week!

Secret friend magic exercise

Money supports me magic exercise

Are YOU READY to change your   ‘Resisting Brain’ into a Money Attracting System!

The fee for this TEN WEEK Brain Changing class is VERY Attractive and there is a payment plan!

Even you ARE as poor as ‘Job’s turkey’- I made it so that YOU could afford to change your brain and start attracting what Divine Mother DESIRES you to have!


Click the Yes to get info on the tuition: (There are HUGE Rewards for those who act quickly- click YES and see for yourself!


Ten Weeks starting Friday Sept 28.

Two chances each week to attend live.



Class dates:

Week One

Friday, September 28th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, September 29th at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Two

Friday, October 5th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, October 6th at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Three

Friday, October 12th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, October 13th at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Four

Friday, October 19th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, October 20th at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Five

Friday, October 26th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, October 27th at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Six

Friday, November 2nd at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, November 3rd at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Seven

Friday, November 9th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, November 10th at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Eight

Friday, November 16th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, November 17th at 4:00 PM

Skip a week for Thanksgiving Holiday

Week Nine

Friday, November 30th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, December 1st at 4:00 PM Eastern

Week Ten

Friday, December 7th at 1:00 PM Eastern

Saturday, December 8th at 4:00 PM Eastern


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