Brain Feeling Fuzzy? The Eyeball Trick that ‘fixes it’ within 60 seconds.


My own brain was feeling a little fuzzy as I was trying to think of a way (Without TOO much embarrassment) to tell you how I made, (then lost) 200,000 K two years in a row.

The embarrassing part is when I missed the boat completely after Mr Saturn came and sat on my head. I didn’t know about displeasing the JUDGE and I sure didn’t know that I could change it.


But you can read about that here:


I decided to use one of my own “magical Eyeball clearings” to clear my own fuzz.

I’ll share my MAGICAL way with you!

After doing the exercise, I realized…the best thing I could do for YOU…is to give you the same ‘Eyeball trick’ to rid yourself of some fuzzy brain thinking.

Remember to move ONLY your eyeballs…NOT your head!

Step 1. Pick something you feel fuzzy about.

Maybe you need to make a decision about something, maybe you need clarity about a spiritual or financial matter.

START SMALL– success builds faith, faith builds trust and TRUST Brings expectation and you always get what you are truly expecting!


Step 2. Get a picture of your brain in your mind looking all foggy and fuzzy.

Imagine a frowny face on it. (If it helps, draw it on a piece of paper and hold it in front of you to do the eyeball part.)


Step 3. Hold your head still (only move your eyeballs) make your eyeballs like lasers to cut away all the fuzzy stuff.


Step 4. Make your eyeballs into vacuum cleaner beams and suction out any remaining fuzziness.


Step 5. Make your eyeballs into beams of cascading waterfalls to wash away any remaining fuzz.


Step 6. With your eyeballs…erase the frowny face and draw a big smiley face instead!


Step 7. Blink your eyes rapidly for about ten seconds.

Now just relax and allow clarity to come to you.

Why it works: The eyeballs are the compass to the brain. When you use the eyeballs with concentrated ‘intent’, it gets all kinds of positive neurons firing and sparking!

Don’t believe me?

Go stand in front of the mirror right now. Try and remember something HARD…like ‘what was the name of that kid that sat behind me in first grade?’

Watch your eyeballs going CRAZY trying to find the brain cell that holds that memory!


In my ten week “Light workers Brain on Money” I share a new magical trick each week…tried and tested.

Magic , read about that here:

BTW…this Eyeball trick is not included, I have another one that ‘brings you what you want’ that is so miraculously crazy, why, I got plum tired of trying it out.

It simply NEVER failed and I always gave it a very short time limit (like one hour)


It would be an honor to share with you the true story of how I made over 200 K two years in a row (just teaching simple energy healing online classes)

Read about that here:

How I feel under the harsh side of Saturn and what I learned from that.

But mostly, I want you to have this wisdom so that YOU can start raking in more prosperity… If I can do it as much as I MESS UP! You can do it too, especially when I tell you what NOT to do!


Starts this weekend and goes ten weeks.

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Plus…if you can’t make any class times, the audios are packed with the same energy and you can email me with any questions.

But you can read about that here:




PS: Do the eyeball ‘thingy’ right now….surely you have something you feel fuzzy about?

Remember to start with something small.



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