7 Layer Auric Field Cleansing and Entity Removal Service

Introducing a new KIND of Healing Session with Rebecca..

7 Layer Auric Field Cleansing and Entity Removal (Did you know that your field can extend DOWN to Inner earth as well as UP to the Cosmos?)

I had a dream that I was doing an exorcism.

I met a man at a party who was plagued with such evil thoughts he was about to commit a murder.

I could sense he was LOADED with oppressive spirits and I asked him if he wanted to be free.

He said YES, and right there at the party with drinking, dancing and a whole lot of hullabalou going on…I did the cleansing and exorcism.

Even in the dream…it took a lot of my life force energy but I knew it would be replenished and that I had REALLY REALLY done this. (Somewhere a life is saved, maybe more than one.)


Hey…I even remembered to ‘refill the space” created when the ‘evil spirits’ were removed.

After the cleansing, I scanned his field and there was ONE MORE pesky little bugger who was hoping to go unnoticed so that he could open the door back up for all his old buddies.

I plucked him right out too! He did go kicking and screaming a bit!

I  woke up with my heart pounding and spirit said…Rebecca you really DID do this cleansing.

I have had these kinds of dreams before and every time I wake up victorious, yet feeling like I expended a great power.

Now, Spirit is asking me to offer thee type of healing sessions.

Let me be clear…I NEVER asked for this…and if nobody purchases a session, I will have a BIG laugh at Spirit.

See if this fits you http://wp.me/pq2xG-3Q8


However if you DO feel you NEED this…I will give you my absolute BEST attention, prayer, and effective cleansing.

Spirit says, I have a natural gift that has been enhanced by my constant work on increasing my Light.

I also inherited the gift from my father who was the BEST exorcist I have ever seen.

He will be assisting us from the other Side. (My entire team, including Azuron 10th dimensional healer will be working with us too)


Auric Field Cleansing and Entity Removal session description.




Q. What will  a session  include? 

A. Below is a list, however, we leave a lot up to Spirits guidance.

A. For me…preparation is essential, I will be scanning your auric field from the moment I get notice of your order.

B. Scan and cleansing of 7 layers of your auric field. (Remember, your field goes as far down as Inner earth as well as into the cosmos)

C. Sending any and all energies and entities to the Light via the “Portal of Transmutation” that I went to GREAT lengths to open two years ago.

D. Teaching you how to protect yourself from re-infestation.

E. Refilling the empty spaces with Holy Spirit Light.


Q. How do I know if I NEED this level of cleansing?

A. Answer these questions.


A. Do you feel a heaviness or oppression at least 25% of the time? (Some entities ‘ease up’ when they are close to being ‘found out’.)

B. Do you feel like you are just ‘up against a brick wall’ a lot of the time?

C. Do you have thoughts of suicide often? (Suicide is DEFINITELY a spirit- give it a chance and it will take a person over!)

D. Do you have unexplainable rage, hatred or anger come over you sometimes?

E. Do you find yourself doing ‘out of character’ things and wondering…why in the world did I do that?

F. Do you find yourself ‘repelling’ the very things your heart tells you that you want?

G. Do you sabotage yourself a lot of times just when you are about to have a breakthrough?


If you answered YES to 3 or more…you likely need a session.

Do NOT purchase the session until AFTER you TEXT or email me! 956-457-5568 childsuzy@yahoo.com

I DO NOT WANT you to spend the MONEY if you don’t need too or if I AM NOT the right one to help you. 

Text or email me for a quick FREE  REMOTE scan and I will let you know what I “see” in a quickie scan.

956-457-5568 childsuzy@yahoo.com


Remember…SPIRIT ASKED me to offer this…I SURE did not sit around and DREAM it up just to make a buck!


Q. Is there anyone who should NOT have  this type session?

A. Yes…see list below.

  1. Any person who has messed around with Black Magick. (I would tell you what to do before I would take you on as a client- BELIEVE me…I can FEEL it when someone has been messing with the DARK on purpose and there is NOT enough money in the world to entice me to expend that much of my life force energy.
  2. Any person who is truly  mentally ill. Some mental conditions are caused by oppression…but many are a chemical imbalance and best treated by a professional. A session would help with the oppression part but some chemical imbalances are organically caused.
  3. Any person with severe drug or alcohol addiction. While some addictions are certainly encouraged by entities and a session would help…most of the time this requires longer tern treatment. PS: I don’t consider a little pot smoking an addiction, or a glass or two of wine…people have been doing things to relax since the dawn of time. Getting a little silly is a far cry from what is considered SEVERE.
  4. Any person who is not ready to give up the conditions. Did you notice that even in the dream I had…I ASKED the man if he wanted to be free? If you have had LOTS of treatments to rid yourself of entities and none have worked…then there is a PART OF YOU that is still getting something out of the relationship. This could be a karmic agreement and my treatment might not be effective for you.
  5. Any person who did not answer YES to at least 3 of the questions above.

Q. What if I am one who has tried a lot and can’t get rid of entities?

A. Then you will need TWO sessions…one to discover what part of you just can’t let go, and the other to do the cleansing.

Q. Is this guaranteed to rid me of every entity and bad energy?

A. It is guaranteed to rid you of every entity or energy that I see in your scan. If you have some karmic agreement with one until a certain time, then I cannot break YOUR agreement.

How much is a session?

Introductory offer, for a limited time.

7 Layer Auric Field Cleansing and Entity Removal is $250. (50 minutes)

I must prepare before, during and after. It is 50 minutes you actually spend with me…but it is a LIFETIME of experience and expertise you will be having access to.

$250- click the cart to purchase ONLY AFTER you have had your Quickie scan.

I want to be CLEANSED!


PS: REMEMBER, text or email me for a FREE Quickie scan.  If you purchase and I cannot help you…I will refund your money right away (BEFORE we have the session) Once I expend the energy needed for such a session, there will be no refunds. 956-457-5568 childsuzy@yahoo.com



Important: As soon as WE BOTH have agreed that you NEED this and your commit on your end…I place a “Temporary No-Harm Restraining order” against all that I see.


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