Mary Magdalene, Karen Carpenter, Eating Disorders

In preparation for the BOOK Mary Magdalene has asked me to write… I’ve been receiving messages almost daily.


Mary does want to write to be about spiritual things but also about daily living and problems that we face.


I was a bit surprised one morning recently when I asked Mary… what would you like to talk about today… and she replied immediately… Eating disorders.


Eating disorders?


I questioned… did you have that situation in your life time?


Mary replies… not in the way you have it now however, the same principles apply.


The type of disorder we saw was not for physical food as food was still pure and cravings for unhealthy foods we’re not as common.



However, there was still cases of deep soul dissatisfaction which is the root of all eating disorders whether they be for physical food or for spiritual food.


Mary continues…


Whenever a being does not see the beauty of their own soul or especially when they are oblivious to their soul’s existence, then soul disorders can occur.


When we look at a person with an eating disorder… We see a soul disorder.


So Mary, I questioned… are you suggesting that a person with an eating disorder could be healed through more attention to the soul?


Mary replies, Yes, I am suggesting exactly that!


From Rebecca…


I still cannot wrap my mind around this concept, so I questioned again… how would that work? Most people who have an eating disorder be it bulimia or anorexia, do you not want help until they get into serious health trouble.

(Many times, their self-view is so distorted they just cannot see the truth)


Mary replies… yes Rebecca, you are correct, however the loved ones of the victim can do the work on their behalf if they are willing.


I bring this topic up because the being you called Karen Carpenter is here with me and has requested of me to speak on this topic.


When a person has this disorder they see themselves only in an unfavorable light.


No matter how talented or beautiful they are, when they gaze into a mirror they only see a distorted view.


Many medical professionals have tried to help with this problem and some have had success, yet it is still a soul problem.


This will have some other type of manifestation if not treated on the soul level as well as the medical, physical and emotional level.


Question: Mary could you please give us an example of how a soul level treatment session could occur?


Yes Mary replies… the healer, the one doing the healing work, must be a pure intent and without desperate attachment to emotions.


It is well known that desperation energy can block flow.


(From Rebecca: Please note that this is an energetic, metaphysical process and your imagination is key.)




Activate the magnetism of your own heart love…

Then…call of the soul of the person you are working on into a circle of light.


Now…call in all the guardian angels of the person to bear witness.


Pour your heart love into this soul of the person with the disorder until you see the soul becoming more radiant.


Hold up a mirror and let the soul see their own beautiful radiance.

You are beautiful regardless of your human understanding.


This treatment must be repeated at least five times on five separate days. Continue with any other treatment the person with the disorder may be having.


This can be done from any distance by anyone without desperation and who has a loving heart.


If the Healer cares enough to do the session, it can be effective… no special powers are needed.



From Rebecca… it was at this point that I was surprised to feel the energy of Karen Carpenter herself… here is what she had to say.


Karen: I never believed I was good enough, looked good enough, or even sang good enough. I did not realize the beauty of my soul.


When I arrived here to the ‘other side’… I was placed in a spa like setting where I was ministered to with love and shown the beauty of my soul.



It is my heart’s is longing to let this soul treatment be a help to others.


Karen continues…


It is true that the veil between the worlds is very thin.


We can all be of assistance to one another still.


If you listen to the music I’ve made while on earth, please let your heart be filled with love and especially… realize the beauty of your own soul.

Thank you, Karen.



From Rebecca:


Mary, would you consider people who over eat as having an eating disorder?


Mary replies… yes, but this is from a slightly different perspective.


There is usually a craving that cannot be satisfied.


Perhaps I will speak of this in another message… in this message I am addressing the issues around under eating disorders and a failure to see the beauty of your own soul.


Of course the failure to see the beauty of your own soul can have many manifestations… more on this at another time.


Mary Magdalene


From Rebecca…at that, the message ended.

Many thinks to Mary and to Karen for coming through to bless us. I love to think of that beautiful songbird happy at last!

I am so happy to be a part of these wonderful messages.






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