Call in YOUR Beloved…Magdalene Style! (Now an OutSTANDING Audio Course!)

In one simple sentence Mary Magdalene changed my thoughts about a suitable romantic partner forever… (More on that in a moment) ACTUALLY, what Mary said to me changed me on such DEEP soul level it freed me from CENTURIES of false programming!


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You see…I had a LIST of the qualities and attributes my suitable partner just had to have!


After all…isn’t that what we are all taught?

That we must ask for EXACTLY what we want in order to get it?


And my list?



Well, I just never seemed to find a man that had enough of the qualities onmy LIST…to really get committed.

And folks, if you can’t get committed…it ain’t never gonna’ fly!

You will find yourself always looking for the door way OUT of the relationship for sure!



So often, we expect perfection from the other party.



Worse, we expect them to fit in with what other people think and judge by… more than what we really feel within ourselves.


Here is another concept we may NOT take into account…

That is our body’s opinion!



Yes, our body has a wisdom that we often overlook.


What if we found the perfect person who had everything on our list?




  • Financial attributes
  • Got along great
  • Had similar interests
  • Family and friends approved
  • They loved what you did for a living
  • They loved your personality
  • You Both loved each other’s physical appearance..


And, what if?

Your body did not like their touch?

Or, you hated the way they kissed?

Or, the sound of their laugh started to grate on your ears?


What if our soul just KNEW they were NOT for our Highest Destiny?


Your body has an innate wisdom that must be taken into account.

If your body does not love the touch…there may not be a romantic connection…yet some other important  kind of connection.


We do seem to like the idea of a beloved as a romantic partner…yet there are many types of beloveds.


Consider a Beloved can be male, female, gay, straight or even transgender.


Some examples:


  • A Beloved to help you with your career.
  • A Beloved to help you with your health.
  • A Beloved to help you with your finances.
  • A Beloved to help you with your appearance.
  • A Beloved to help you grow spiritually or develop your gifts. (Maybe me?)
  • A Beloved that inspires you, or helps you heal old wounds.


The greatest realization is that your Beloved starts with YOU!

When you get a hunger and understanding of the importance of seeking FIRST YOUR OWN Highest Destiny…all kinds of Beloveds will show up for you.


The ignition of desire to connect with YOUR highest destiny turns on the magnetism of attraction like nothing else you can do!



Oh yes….I almost forgot to tell you the ONE simple sentence Mary Magdalene said to me that instantly, in the twinkling of an eye, changed me forever!

(This next part is VERY personal, embarressing, and exposes my vulnerability …yet, I share because I believe it will help you too.)



I had been seeing a man off and on for two years.

I would not let myself admit that I had love for him…mostly because he was not suitable in one big area.

So, I kept looking, dating others and always my heart and body were calling me back to “Mr. Unsuitable”.



There were several men who had just about everything on my list…but I could not let go and love.

  • I wanted someone with tech skills who could help me with my work.
  • Someone financially stable who could take care of me if ever needed.
  • Someone interesting and fun…and guess what?

I found more than one who had all those qualities, yet…my heart and body said NO!


So, I decided to just be alone and contemplate how happy I could be…just by myself.

I often thought with longing heart and body about “Mr. Unsuitable”…it was my mind only that said NO.


I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but here goes…He had no financial resources.

He had given away all that he owned after a death experience and open heart surgery.

When I asked him why he had given away his two houses, his properties and even his favorite truck he replied…

“Rebecca, I have already died 3 times, it’s wonderful…I just have no more desire for money and material things. I have all that I need, a small pension, plenty of food and good shelter…I am happy as I am”.


Back to Mary Magdalene…


So, what did Mary say that changed me?


Mary said…

“Rebecca, what do you think Jesus had to offer me?”

(This one sentence rocked my world forever as I fell into a kaleidoscope of thoughts about all that implied)


Mary continues…

Do you know the scripture… “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head” (Matthew 8:19–20Luke 9:57–58).


Such was the life I led with my Beloved.


Not only was there no stable ‘home’ for us…there was not much privacy.

There were always thongs of people wanting His help.

Add to that…many of the other disciples were jealous of any time Jesus spent with me.

sermon on the mount Henrik Olrik

How did you do it, I questioned?


Mary replies…”Because I KNEW in my heart that our destinies were intertwined.

I KNEW He needed my strength to be able to complete His mission.

Yes, there was some sadness and even aggravation, yet the JOY so fully overcame any fears I had.

I had faith and then I TRUSTED.”


(Mary has given me a complete discourse on the power of faith combined with trust which perhaps I will share in class)


Are you ready to learn more about how to “Call in YOUR Beloved…Magdalene Style?”


As part of the class, Mary asks permission to provide you an Anointing Ritual which will activate your destiny attraction.


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PSS: If you think you are too fat, too old, too hurt…to ANYTHING…think again!

If you just DON’T even WANT a Beloved then it;s time to fall in love with Yourself!



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