Why on Earth would YOU want to Become a Priestess?

Triple Goddess Blessing for Everyone!

Since I have said “YES” to awakening my Priestess Powers…my life has taken an amazing turn for the better!

My light has grown so bright that people are attracted to me constantly! Even women fall in love with me on the spot!

(I’m sure it’s platonic…ha ha)

The Light grew so strong that I had to use a technique to “turn it down “when I am out in public. (Of course, I teach this same technique in my Priestess Training)


A great benefit has been the improvement in my finances…

I look at my bank account and there is always more than enough to cover my expenses… and then some.

Isis-Goddess-Mother explained to me that accepting the call to be Her priestess automatically opens the doors to abundance of every kind.

Perhaps the greatest boon that my own initiation has taught me is how to harness the Kundalini energy power for full body orgasms, with or without a partner!


Experiencing full body orgasms places you in a state of ecstasy that opens the channels to Divine flow and connection like nothing else on earth!

Mere words cannot express it…You are floating in a sea of bliss as the kundalini flows up your spine and into the Pineal Gland. This further activates your Divine Connection.

Do These two look like they are lacking in Money or Sexuality?

A huge bonus is that your KA body gets activated like nothing else can do! Your Ka is your spiritual twin and hugs close to your physical body.

The Ka’s primary function is to help you manifest your every heart’s desire…when the Ka is fully charged, you effortlessly attract all good into your life.


Another most wonderful thing about this training and initiation I am guided to offer is this…



You will be awakened and activated to the knowledge you already have deep within the marrow of your bones.

We are NOT having to re-invent the wheel here!


It is common knowledge that information is stored in Stone and Bone. This is why the ancient peoples would carry the bones of their loved ones with them when they moved.

At some point in your ancestry you carried Priest or Priestess Powers…you would NOT have kept reading this far if it were not true.


Click here for full information and a free blessing audio from the Divine Mothers who are guiding this training.

Triple Goddess Training:

Hathor, Isis-Goddess-Mother, and Mary Magdalene.







Ready to dance!


PS: Training and Initiation is August 14, 15 at my home in Port Isabel Texas. This semi-private event has room for two more initiates. Need a word of confirmation from me? My private email is childsuzy@yahoo.com

Or text 956-457-5568 and I will return your call. I also have whatsapp under Rebecca Marina for international calls.


Full info here:


PSS: This event is limited to women only for this time.

Next time, it will be for BOTH men and women.





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