Good News from Mary Magdalene


Did you know that Sunday July 22 was the feast day of Mary Magdalene?

Assumption-of-Mary-Magdalene-jose-antolinez 1635-1675. Spanish Painter


It was on this day that Mary asked me  to announce her request of me.

Rebecca, please take the messages I give you and publish them in a book!


Mary has been giving me messages for the past several days. Just recently, she asked for me to create a book using Her messages.

After all, Mary lived as a woman, was trained as a priestess in the temples of Isis and was closest to the Christ. She has MUCH wisdom to share on every topic of daily human life. Her presence is being felt profoundly in the world today as part of the Divine Feminine Christ Movement.

Just look at the list of chapters She has given so far.


(In no particular order)

Developing the Gift of Discernment

How to Be Filled with Holy Spirit and Power

The Best Spiritual Gift

The Detriments of Denying Yourself Pleasure

Attracting a Beloved

Preventing Sexual Abuses of children

Manifesting more abundance

Protection from Evil

Living Your Purpose

Healing Your Womb Space

Healing Male Dysfunction

Freedom from Unworthiness

Evolving Spiritually

Becoming a More Alluring Woman

Becoming a More Magnetic Man

Attracting More Friends

Be Careful how you Pray

Freedom from Sexual Shame

Anointing Rituals you can use everyday

The BEST Thing to pray for

Living Your BEST Life, regardless of Circumstance

How to Have Faith, Trust and when to take Action

Eating Disorders (this was a BIG surprise to me! Mary says that Karen Carpenter _ who died of complications due to eating disorders asked her to speak of this)

Please enjoy this music of Karen Carpenter! She might still be with us if she had been able to be free of this eating disorder disease.


The book is meant to be one that you don’t need to read cover to cover.

Just say a quick prayer and flip the book open for instant guidance!

You may also select what guidance you desire from the list of chapters.


I am already beginning to take down the messages. Mary asks me to offer you the opportunity to be part of this book getting published.

There are two ways for you to participate:

  1. Say prayers for me…to find the right editors, book designers and graphics for the book. (It will be on Kindle as well as hard copy on Amazon- also audiobook )*I really need the prayers for the audiobook version because I have no idea how to do it, yet I KNOW that the power comes mightily through my voice.
  2. Contribute financially to the expenses associated with this production. Yes, I GLADLY give my time and yes, the book will have revenue once it is published. And…I can use your assistance with expenses that accrue in the production.

(All contributors will receive the first two chapters that are already written right away- plus, you will be the first to get the digital E book version when finished)


Ping me here to contribute.


Or Ping me here to let me know you support me in prayers.


Much love and Excitement for this Newest Adventure,


Love, Rebecca


PS: I am working this “endeavor of love” into my schedule of teaching classes, seeing private clients, and being the best grandma I can be.

I DO SO appreciate your prayers and support.

Contributions Appreciated

Me, My children n grandchildren at recent reunion



PS: Help me spread the words of this wonderful project bookofmagdalene# on social media


(The BIG guy behind me is my former husband and best friend, father of Simon and Alyssa)




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