Chakra Healing and Sexual Rejuventation

Learn the “Angelic Weaving” Technique as you heal your entire Chakra system!

Have you ever been watering the yard with a hose and suddenly the flow just stopped?

You still had the water on…

Your yard still needed the water…

You still had the good intent to do the watering…

However, as you followed the hose a bit, you discovered one little kink!

Just one little kink was all it took to shut down the whole operation!


Once you ‘unkinked’ the hose *source of blockage was removed, the water flowed. The yard got watered so that it could flourish and grow.


That’s how it is with your chakra system…one little kink can affect the flow of all.


What feels ‘kinked’ in your life?


Once you experience the magic of ‘angelic weaving’ to heal your chakra system…you will be absolutely WILD to try it on other areas of your life!


Not only will you get to experience this new technique…you will learn why eclipse time is the BEST time to heal anything that is blocked!

credit to David Cohen Unsplash

And retrogrades?

What can I say?

Retrogrades bring stuff up for clearing!


The only planets that are NOT retro at this time are Venus and Jupiter. They are BOTH benevolent planets.

Luckily for me and ALL my students…Venus is MY good fortune planet now and for the next two years! So whatever I bring to you…Honey, it’s going to be good!



Decide if it’s time for you to get “unkinked”!

Teleclass times (about two hours)

 Saturday, July 28th at 1:00 PM Eastern
Time: Sunday, July 29th at 4:00 PM Eastern
Time: Monday, July 30th at 7:00 PM Eastern


What’s different about this Chakra Healing and Sexual Rejuvenation class I am guided to offer this weekend?


My Divine team, via my Holy Spirit within has directed me in a new Healing Technique …they call it “Angelic Weaving”.


This involves connecting the magnetism of your heart, my heart and the hearts of our combined Angelic teams into a miraculous healing occurrence!


(Once you experience this technique of “Angelic Weaving”, I invite you to use it for yourself or others; I will show you HOW and give you permission)


Importantly, I am guided to focus on bringing the 3 lower chakras into alignment with the heart and all the upper chakras.



Why is this balance so  important?


If you’re wondering what happened to your money flow, happiness flow, and your sense of purpose… Look no further than your three lower chakras.


Light workers get so focused on being spiritual that the lower chakras wildly get out of balance!


Sure, we have all heard that sexuality is a direct pathway to Divine Union…but we are so embedded with old religious and patriarchal dogma that it’s almost impossible to grasp this truth.


If you truly understood the power of sexuality to bring on abundance, you would be lined up around the block anywhere this deep teaching was being offered.


If you’re convinced that focusing only on the upper chakras is the way to true spirituality, I invite you to consider…


What good is it to be so spiritual if you’re starving?


Starving for abundance?

Starving for loving relationships, friendships, partnerships?

Starving for some good lusty sexual feelings?

Starving for feeling worthy?

Starving for feeling powerful about your gifts?




Come to this class and be changed!

In this class, we will explore each of the three lower chakras and restore them to function.


Once these are percolating properly, we will begin to tie them into the four upper chakras.



As icing on your chakra cake, we will begin the rejuvenation of the Alta Major vortex or Gateway.


(Located on the back of the neck, near the Atlas. The Alta Major Activation was KEY in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery schools)


Some call the Alta Major a chakra, yet it is more like a gateway… The mouth of the goddess!


This activation can only be done effectively if the lower three chakras are in balance are in balance with the rest.


You see, the Altar Major is a highly sexual gate way… If you have a lot of shame issues, you will be very blocked in the receiving department.


So think… What’s lacking in your life right now?


Write it down, maybe it’s more than just one thing.

Bring your list to class.


If it has the energy of LACK around it, I can guarantee it’s tied in with the 3 lower chakras. Especially if it involves any type of shame.


Please look below and see if any of these conditions apply to your life:


Lack of abundance

Feeling dried up sexually

Lack of motivation or drive.




Any LACK thoughts about:


Using your gifts

Feeling worthless, unloved or paralyzed.



From my team:


This healing will do more for people‘s:




And spiritual evolution spiritually than anything else we can ask you to offer at this time



You do not need to have a partner to enjoy the benefits of awakened sexuality. This power can be channeled into making you more magnetic to anything you desire in your life!

I will show you how!

Teleclass times (about two hours)

 Saturday, July 28th at 1:00 PM Eastern
Time: Sunday, July 29th at 4:00 PM Eastern
Time: Monday, July 30th at 7:00 PM Eastern



There are two levels to this class:

Please read BOTH before deciding.


Level one:  Chakra Balance and healing, sexual rejuvenation releasing shame, bringing all into balance with Angelic weaving and magnetic heart union.


67 or two payment of 37 each (30 days apart)




Or choose the 2 pay plan




Level two: Limited spots available. All above plus personal attention after class. (or in a separate time slot if necessary)


SORRY…NO more spots for the upgrade for after class

However, I am opening a special Upgrade for the healing part on Wednesday at 1 PM eastern. 

You will take the regular class on Sunday or Monday then come to the upgrade on Wednesday> This session is purely for semi private healing sessions.

(Only room for 4)

147 or choose two payments of 77 (30 days apart)

Only 147 for class and personal healing attention





or choose two pay plan

2 payments of 77 each




Explanation of upgrade:


Because of my expanded gifts I can see inside of your body. I am able to see what dried up and withering away.

I have merged with Azuron (10th dimensional healer) so many times that much of his energy has transferred to me. I can more easily read aberrant light patterns and adjust them without having to go into a higher dimension.



The upgrade it’s not for everyone and it is not dirt cheap either.


It requires that I spend time investigating your inward parts on an individual basis.


It’s better if you’re on the phone with me so that I can get your feedback as the work is being done.


This personal attention healing is so important that I will create a separate time slot for those who cannot be on the phone with me.


I am eager to share with you in this healing class!

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