Here’s What I’m doing THIS Father’s Day…

First… Happy day to all the fathers past and present (and those on the other side too)


When I was little, we didn’t do much for Father’s Day.

My daddy was gone a lot (out saving souls for Jesus!) He was a VERY stern Hellfire preacher.

I could NEVER find a card that said how I really felt…It seemed all the cards were all mushy.

Like…uh, You’re the Best Dad ever!

(I just wanted to say…hey, I know you did the best you could and could you lighten up a little and quit scaring the crap out of me!)

Well…I just could not lie, so, I would get him a funny card instead.

Now, understand it was NOT DADS FAULT that he was such a stern father!
His dad died very young and he simply had no role model.

He was doing the best he could and believed that his ONE MISSION in being a father was to prevent us 7 kids from sinning and going to hell!


My 5  brothers were terrors!

They had to try out all the sins my dad talked about and see if they were really THAT MUCH FUN! (They shared with me that ‘sinnin’ was actually quite delightful!)

Anyway….I was the opposite!

I was terrified that Jesus would come and NOT take EVIL little Becky to heaven because she took a cookie without asking.

(It took me years to make friends with Jesus again)

Jesus in His dancin clothes!

To his credit…my daddy became very soft hearted in his later years. Oh, he still warned us about sin…but from a much more loving perspective.

Daddy was the first person to ever talk to me ‘from the other side’.

When he died, I immediately began to get messages. He actually shows up now in a lot of my classes and I can FEEL him’



(Praise the Lord)

If you are ever in a tele class of mine and I start shoutin’ Glory and Amen…you KNOW my Pentecostal Preacher daddy is in the house!


The key here is to please forgive your father if he did not know what the heck he was doing. Or maybe, he was just plain mean. If you can’t forgive at least STOP the blaming and set yourself free.

…and, if you were lucky enough to have a great, or even semi-great dad, please show him some LOVE this father’s day. If he;’s already on the other Side, call him into a circle of light and tell his spirit that you love him)

I am so glad that I got to know my dad better after he was bed-ridden.

Poor guy, he had to depend on us for EVERYTHING!

Even going potty.

…and daddy was the one who started me off on my mediumship career. (Once he got to the other side, he had a whole new and very loving attitude. I’ll just bet Jesus had a real good talk with him!)

I seem to have gotten off topic.


Oh yes…what am I doing now on Fathers Day?

I am best friends with my former husband Henry and me and the kids are giving him a nice appreciation party!

Me N Henry, now BEST friends after Divorce.

Actually…my kids are much better cooks than me (they even LIKE to cook…go figure!)
It’s my job to pick up a cake…and YES…I’m getting it from a bakery!

So, the menu is Henry’s favorite foods.


Grape leaves (talk about work!)

Hummus and all kinds of other stuff.

I even imagine there might be some vegetables in there somewhere!


So whatever you do, enjoy yourself. I

ll be appreciating and trying to resist eating like a pig. (Did I mention that my kids are like…GOURMET COOKS?)


I love you,



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