Invitation to Grande Shekinah Prosperity Portal Attunement Ceremony


You are invited to be attuned to the greatest Portal ever opened!

The Grande Shekinah Prosperity Portal!

Join us for the ceremony!

Because so many Light workers have issues around MONEY, the Divine ladies suggested we use this attunement to focus on YOUR Prosperity!

Ceremony is complete but REGISTER and Get the ATTUNEMENT by audio!


Cash flow!


Details of the Grande Shekinah… a ‘dual purpose’ portal with both Ascending and Descending columns.

A.  RELEASING portion: The male/ascending side- for releasing that which no longer serves. This includes negative energies, lost soul, economic depression, emotional suppression, and drumroll…releasing the STRANGLEHOLD of Patriarchal rule! (can I get a big AMEN?)

My Divine mentors suggest that for this Attunement… we guide you in releasing your fears, your false humility…anything keeping you from happiness! (make a list) 

What about your ‘debt energy’? Ready to release that?

B. RECEIVING portion: The female/descending side to usher in a NEW day of Pentecost, an outpouring of Holy Spirit for the healing of our lands, hearts, and spirits. The Return of the Divine feminine will bring about balance.

My Divine mentors suggest that you make a list of everything your heart desires…come with open hearts into the Power of this Attunement ceremony!

When: Thursday, May 31 at 7 PM eastern, 6 PM central, 4 PM Pacific

How: Worldwide by tele-seminar and online audio (my system even has FREE calling worldwide)

Fill in the form to register! 

(You will get the audio Right away!)


JOIN us in Ceremony!

Complete the form to get all the details to attend! (Plus reminders so you won’t miss out!)



Wait….to fully participate have these items on hand

Here is what you need to BRING to the ceremony.

1. Pen and paper to write down what you desire to release.

2. Pen and paper to write down your hearts desires.

3. Incense, a candle, or some sage to burn as a symbol of releasing.

4. Some type of money, your wallet, purse, debit card. Symbol of receiving!


Divine Mother always insists that I give folks a chance to be blessed by contributing to this ongoing Mission of love...

Fill in any amount you feel GOOD about. (You may contribute as many times as you like)

My Heart feels good about this!

(All those who contribute will receive a special AUDIO of  8 Divine Mothers Blessing for your own personal miracle or heart’s desire.)


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