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I am STILL taking your prayer requests!

Email me at

 Condense Your request… I have been receiving many requests and I HONOR each one! However:, I cannot take an hour to read each one. SPIRIT KNOWS all your details.

  1. What do you want to release?
  2. What do you want to be blessed with?

Perfect Sample:

My name is Rebecca Marina, I desire to release BLANK .

I desire to be blessed with Blank.

(You can release as many as you desire and receive as many as you desire)

PSS: Would you like to be a part of supporting me as I recover from this  Mission?

Never have I experienced such exhaustion as I did after I returned home from this particular mission.

I do know that I MUST HAVE agreed to make this sacrficice of my life force energy for a very good reason.

I am resting and regaining my strength. For the first few days after my return…I could do NOTHING. I KNOW that my body was integrating all that it hasdd experienced and that MUCH good witll come forth for you!


Fill in any amount you  feel GOOD about. (You may contribute as many times as you like)

My Heart feels good about this!

(All those who contribute will recieve a special AUDIO of Divine Mother Blessing for your own personal miracle or hearts desire.)


MY next Video will tell you MORE on how you can make benificial use of this portal….soon there will be a FREE PORTAL ATTUNMENT for all those who desire it!




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