Sipping Wine on My Back Porch and SHE shows up!

A few days ago, I was sitting with a friend and  sipping wine on the back porch.

My back porch view

He wasn’t having any…he’s a recovering alcoholic and has been working with me to get rid of his harsh judgement.

He used to think that anyone who had a cocktail was…well BAD and bound for hell! (Just a touch on the self-righteous side!)

In his world…there was no such thing as ‘a glass of wine with dinner’- it was more like drink until you pass out and do it every day!


All of a sudden this Spanish looking beautiful lady shows up!

She wore a lace mantilla and lovely black gown. Accompanying her was a well-dressed middle aged man. He looked just dandy in a vest and sharply creased slacks.

She tenderly held the hand of a little boy about 5 years old.

Did I mention that the lady was in spirit form?

Normally, I would never tune in to the spirit world when I was enjoying a glass of wine…but there she was as real as life!


She said her name was Juanita and the man with her was Homer.

My ‘recovering judgmental’ friend had lost his mother two months ago and I felt that it was her… come to give him a message.

So, I asked him…”what was your mother’s name?”


“Juanita”, was the quick response.

“Did she know anyone named Homer”, I queried?

“Well yes, mom knew Homer…he was a friend of hers…he died a while back”.


Your mom is here and wants to give you some messages…do you want to hear them?

I got a really big YES… with tears in his eyes.

Mom wants you to know that ‘All is forgiven’- the man Homer had looked down on her in this life and now he is asking forgiveness of her.

The little boy is a miscarriage she had. (My friend confirmed that YES, his mom had lost a baby when he was a young boy.)

The part of the message that was hard for my friend to hear was about his brother that is still alive.

Mom wants you to “take care of your brother”- she says… “he will be joining me here on this side very soon.”


My friend and his brother do NOT get along at all.(The brother drinks heavily) My friend looked at me with tears in his eyes… “I guess I better listen to mom” he said.


It was so delightful for me to relay this message to my friend…his mother looked so young and happy!

She was absolutely blissful about being reunited with the baby boy she had lost.


I think one reason this mom came to me when I was sipping wine was to show her son that he was doing good by releasing his judgements of anyone who had an occasional glass of wine.

And especially wanted him to forgive his brother even though he still had a big problem with alcohol.


It seems that as I have been working with Kali Ma on the resurrection of the STRENGTH DNA…my gift has exploded!

Normally, I would tell her to go away and come back later if I had even one sip of wine…but it was all CRYSTAL clear!


It is my knowing that whenever you do any work that strengthens your DNA…you are going to automatically be more connected to Source!


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What would you do if you could leave your fears behind?


Love, Rebecca


PS: I did explain to my friend that he doesn’t HAVE to listen to his mother.

He has free will and he can ‘look after’ his brother as she wishes or…NOT.

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